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Izetta Episode 10 Review:

Well, they didn’t commit to actually having Izetta stay captured by the enemy but at least she didn’t get out of last week’s predicament unharmed (because that would have pushed it way too far). Unconscious for a period of time and then without the use of her legs (for reasons unexplained), Izetta’s condition pushes Fine over the edge and for the first time in this entire war themed anime it seems like Fine is actually devastated by the results of war.

Maybe she’s been playing the stoic leader because its expected, but as a young girl caught up in these events her reactions have been pretty much nothing up until now so seeing her all but break down this episode was a nice human touch.

My biggest criticism of this part of the show is Sophie. She’s evil because she is. She’s sworn revenge and doesn’t care if she’ll die or her body will wear out because she was dead anyway. A villain with nothing to lose, no allegiances, and giving no room for reason might seem like they’d be a good match for the overpowered Izetta but it doesn’t make for compelling writing as you can only listen to so many evil cackles over burning cities before you just want to roll your eyes.

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Karandi James

8 thoughts on “Izetta: The Last Witch Episode 10

  1. All of a sudden, Muller just presents to our heroine the other half of the magic stone and that was very anti-climatic. Finding something so important that easily without even working to find it, left me confused… but I’m still enjoying this show very much.

    1. It does feel kind of like a cheat in terms of time but I guess they couldn’t send Izetta out to look for it given she can’t walk and they are running low on episodes (unless they are going into a second season).

      1. I’m just hoping this is not 12 episodes long; I’m gonna hate this show if this will be the cause. I mean, can they defeat the enemy’s empire on just 2 episodes and end it with everyone happy? I don’t think they can actually pull if off, unless they use the atom bomb on Germania… *Sigh* not 12 episodes please.

  2. Man I’m so behind on my own episode reviews xDD. I was pretty certain that Berkman was planning on a coupe de ta, however I guess that the emprorer through saw that and proceeded to boot him out. Shouldn’t it be Sophie the jealous witch :P.

  3. Agree that we’re not seeing much in the way of characterization around Sophie. I do like how it’s circling back to that old lady counselling Izetta not to be like the white witch, but I don’t know if I like this direction. Something was definitely needed to counter Izetta’s power, but I think I might have preferred it if Berkmann and the others used some other method than a cloned white witch with a 1000 year old vendetta.

    1. It definitely seems like a cheat on the Germanians part. They’ve got all these cool weapons in development but they are still going to rely on cloning and hoping to control a long dead withc.

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