It’s Another Poll – Vote for the Best Anime of 2017

Super quick post announcing the opening of the poll for reader’s choice of best anime for 2017. The selection to vote from is limited to the top 3 shows from each season during 2017 as voted by the readers at the end of each season. There are no write in votes and there are no criteria for best anime other than the one you personally liked the most.

Have your say and please share the link (the more the merrier). Voting closes on the 11/1 with the results announced on the 12th as well as my reflections on the year of anime that was.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.


12 thoughts on “It’s Another Poll – Vote for the Best Anime of 2017

  1. Reblogged this on I drink and watch anime and commented:
    Hi all,

    This is just a really quick reminder to let you know that you still have a few days to vote in Karandi’s Best Anime of 2017 survey. The polls close on the 11th so don’t wait too long!

    1. Thanks for the vote and the share. I’m also looking forward to what will win. There are shows in the list that I really didn’t like much but it is the reader’s poll and not my personal preference so I’m staying out of it and waiting to see the result.

    1. Or maybe it just left a lasting impression?
      That is part of why I like rewatches. It usually helps me get more critical of a show even if it is just explaining why the show is amazing.

    1. There’s quite a few of these around at the moment. It will be fun to see whether the results are consistent or whether each person gets a slightly different result.

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