Isekai Cheat Magician Review Episodes 10 + 11

A Stupid Script For Stupid Characters

Isekai Cheat Magician Episodes 10 + 11

Wow, if I thought Isekai Cheat Magician had been a little on the dumb side before, episodes 10 and 11 confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the characters in this story are dumb as bricks and the plot isn’t much better. Admittedly, you aren’t exactly going into a generic isekai expecting brilliance, but when a character claims that they wouldn’t lose if the other character wasn’t stronger and that is exemplary of the genius level statements characters are making across two episodes, eye-rolling becomes the norm while watching.

Like, duh.

Anyway, after the attack on the city in episode 9, Taichi, Rin and others get rewarded by getting to pick a shiny new weapon from the royal collection and then we play around for a bit before the news of the real attack comes in. The King makes a speech and we plunge straight into war, getting to see the scenes from the opening of episode one again, though this time they are even less impressive than they were as an opening act.

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The four main characters split up across the battlefield and take on individual opponents while the background characters kind of sway back and forth when they exist in the shot at all and then Taichi just kind of walks in to the enemy camp and lays out a possible peace agreement which is thoroughly shot down. It’s okay though, because the creepy guy who has clearly been manipulating the duke has been waiting for this moment to monologue his every thought and to summon zombies.

Which is where episode 11 ends and I guess I’ll have to watch the next episode to find out how Taichi easily defeats the zombies and we return to business as usual. Meanwhile the real ‘mastermind’ behind all of this is still just watching from the shadows as all terribly written mastermind’s do.

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Images from: Isekai Cheat Magician. Dir. T Daisuke. Encourage Films. 2019.

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