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Who Summoned Taichi?


Isekai Cheat Magician Episode 8

Taichi, Rin, Myura and their mentor are summoned to meet the king who entrusts them with winning a potential fight against his own brother who apparently disagrees with his political policies… The whole time this is being explained I just kept wondering why anyone in the room expected Taichi or Rin to care and yet other than one outburst the two of them are just kind of cool with the idea that they are being forced to take up arms in a war that they have no personal stake in.


This happens a lot in isekai stories where for whatever reason the protagonist gets dragged into some kind of conflict. Particularly when the characters themselves want to go home and it isn’t a case of they died and reincarnated. Yet they never seem upset enough by the situation. They just kind of accept that ‘this must be the only way’ or ‘it might be easier to go along with it’ and we move on with the plot.


It really kind of makes it difficult to see Taichi and Rin as anything but plot devices. Even if they do everything they are asked and the Princess does find the impossible solution to sending them back, which is a ridiculous long-shot of a promise in the first place, having been through one fight already and about to go into another war these two should be picking up at least emotional baggage and scars like crazy and yet they are just fine. And while I get the comedic tone of the story doesn’t lend itself to deep exploration about the difficulties of being involved in conflict, they could do something to lend some credibility to these two as actual characters.


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Anyway, our next conflict is brother vs brother fighting over something incredibly petty that really should be solved by actually talking things through but instead we’ll go to war over it. I get foreign policy is important but I don’t see how you can protect your country by having people fight each other. What is worse is it looks like the non-King brother is just being manipulated by people who are telling him he’s the only one who can protect the country. So that makes it worse than petty but outright stupid.

Yeah, I’d hate to miss out on hearing some compelling character motive…

At the very least Taichi is having some doubts about fighting people and there’s a semi-decent scene toward the end where he summons and talks with Aerial as he’s worried about actually killing someone because he’s overpowered. He’s also worried about Rin as he wants her to be able to return to her normal high school life (doubtful). This is as close to a real reaction as we’re going to get here so I kind of appreciated it even if it won’t change how the characters act next week in the slightest.

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8 thoughts on “Isekai Cheat Magician Review Episode 8

  1. Referring to Taichi and Rin as plot devices is a good way to put it. I found it really irritating that they’d just go along with backing one side of the civil war, Bow Hero style.

    Realistically how would they know if the King’s brother is evil or not? Of course they are portraying him that way with the assassination attempt, but a difference in opinion over how the kingdom should operate doesn’t exactly evoke “evil” to me. I would have liked for them to keep quiet about the brother, and leave the opportunity for a “what have we done?” moment, after the war, should Taichi and Rin get really involved.

    1. Or actually have them want to try to negotiate first rather than getting straight on to the idea of fighting a war. This is definitely an issue that really should be solved at the table because as you said, it is a different of opinion rather than an actual desire for being evil or power hungry. Seems we’re jumping over a few steps and getting straight to battle though.

      1. Yeah you’re right that we’re jumping to conclusions here. But with the way they are already trying to make the brother seem evil, I can’t help but think that what we fear is exactly what is going to happen.

        Just seems like a pretty heavy topic for them to just go along with, but I guess the anime isn’t trying to focus on that so much as they are trying to set up more action or something like this.

          1. Is this one based on a source material? Or are they just sort of winging it and trying to follow an isekai checklist?

          2. I actually have no idea…
            Just checked MAL and it lists the source as a light novel but it isn’t one available to me through Book Depository so I wonder if it hasn’t been translated into English, not that I’m all that keen to read it at this point.

  2. To me they really begin to feel like this unexperienced d&d party who just follow the dm’s story to a fault without giving it their own thoughts. They don’t take into account how the character would act and just jump at every bit of plot that is thrown at their feet. On the plus side .. Rin wil make for a good Waifu someday because they dont get more 2d as her. Usually even waifu’s have some depth.

    1. I kind of had hopes for Rin after the first episode where she told Taichi off for trying to get himself killed and leaving her behind. It was an actual real reaction to the situation. Since then though, nothing.

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