Isekai Cheat Magician Review Episode 6


Monster Fighting Above and Below


Isekai Cheat Magician Episode 6

This episode was kind of fun but also kind of just going through the motions. With Taichi battling goblins underground and the others taking on the army above ground there is plenty of action and explosive spells, which in a better animated anime might have been enough to elevate this to an excellent episode, but here it just remains kind of fun.


The villain just kind of walking around and talking about how great it all is that everything has worked out and how impressed he is with Taichi and Rin doesn’t really lend any credibility to him or sense of menace. He’s perhaps the weakest element this week. Though the subtitles suddenly deciding the Myura is Mullen or Muller was a little bit distracting – I get that subtitles aren’t always exact but changing the name of a character from one week to the next is a little off-putting.


It also didn’t help that the twin girls introduced last week on the villain’s side get one kind of taunting line before they become victims of their own monsters and are rescued by Taichi. Again, it kind of kills any sense of tension or belief that those opposing Taichi have any chance of success given they seem to dispose of so many of their pawns after so little.


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Putting that aside, the battlefield is interesting enough. Rin trying different combinations of elements to duplicate effects she’s learned about in our world is kind of cool and overall while the monsters don’t seem all that scary it is a decent enough fight for the anime it is in.


Naturally though Rin and Myura aren’t really allowed to have a moment here and Taichi is once again swooping in for a last minute rescue as Rin laments not being able to tell him that he is strong. For all that Rin gets some great character moments she also gets some pretty terrible ones and the end of this episode certainly falls into the latter category.

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