Isekai Cheat Magician Review Episode 3


Not Triple Price For Fruit


Isekai Cheat Magician Episode 3

Two weeks as adventurers and the guild gives Rin and Taichi a mission failed twice already by D-ranks (apparently the rank above where they started). Naturally, given these two are the stars of Isekai Cheat Magician, the quest isn’t going to prove all that difficult for them, though I feel they leave a lot unresolved when the guild declares the mission over and advances them. Fortunately, it seems like they are going to look into some of the issues more now that they’ve teamed up with Myura and gone to figure out what is causing the price rise of fruit.

The confidence of someone who knows they are the protagonist of the story.

Given the easy going nature of this show there is absolutely zero threat or tension as the two go about the slums to the bar to look for clues initially. Even Taichi points out that he doesn’t think they’ll lose and he says it with the confidence of someone almost positive that they have isekai protagonist plot armour. While that makes it difficult to really care when they are suddenly surrounded, Isekai Cheat Magician isn’t exactly trying to be an emotional roller coaster and is more just pacing around a well worn track so it isn’t like this is a detriment to the show.


Rin and Taichi continue to be a decent enough duo though Rin is increasingly getting shoved to the sidelines of the story and seems to be useful only because she actually reads the information they are given and remembers it. It is a shame given she is quite powerful in her own right (not to the extent of Taichi) and it would be nice to see the two on equal footing but instead she hangs in the back while Taichi smashes things.

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Also, Taichi’s main use of his power being reinforcing his body is cool and all, but it really makes it hard to call him a magician when he essentially just punches stuff.


And so this latest isekai adventure remains serviceable fair, easy enough viewing, and also very easily forgotten. While I don’t think I’ll regret choosing this one for my line up this season as I’m sure to enjoy, I also won’t exactly be giving this one a glowing recommendation. It is what it is, and for those who like average isekai and are in the mood for some easy viewing, it delivers and that’s all it does.

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