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Isekai Cheat Magician Episode 2

Much like Kenja no Mago from last season, this one seems to be pretty standard isekai fare but seems also to have remembered to have a bit of fun. This week in Isekai Cheat Magician, Rin and Taichi learn a little bit about how to use their magic powers and over a number of weeks gain the basic skills they need to fight monsters. It helps they are both stupidly overpowered to start with so basic techniques are more than enough otherwise this sequence would seem way too fast.


There’s nothing new here. In fact, Rin’s realisation that visualising magic and why fire burned and then using that to create stronger fire because of her science lessons in the normal world is pretty much a direct echo of Shin from Kenja no Mago and that wasn’t particularly original then. Who knows which source came first and who the origin of this particular trope was, but here it is in all its glory. And you know what, it works just fine.


What works a little less well is the random number of power levels they seem to be assigning magic and spells because we have zero sense of scale at this point. It is just gibberish and completely empty to tell us that Taichi’s using ten or fifteen power because we have no basis for comparison. Ultimately the numbers have so far proven utterly meaningless.


However, while this is generic as can be and following paths we’ve walked before, Rin and Taichi are a nice duo at the centre of this story. Again, not very original with Taichi being the slightly dense male protagonist and Rin being his sharper child-hood friend, but the chemistry works.

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They definitely get points for having Taichi actually acknowledge Rin’s actions last episode when the summoning circle zeroed in on him. Rin wasn’t dragged into this world by the spell, she willingly jumped into the circle because of Taichi, though I don’t know that she really realised what she was signing up for when she did that. Still, Taichi acknowledging and thanking Rin was a heartfelt moment and one that made the relationship between the two feel a bit more genuine.


So while this one is hardly a standout in the isekai genre, it has been pretty fun so far and reasonable enough. It isn’t really pushing the envelope nor doing anything new but what it has delivered has been serviceable with small sparks of decent. All and all, I’m enjoying this one as some casual watching this season and it has nicely slotted into the place in my life that Kenja no Mago filled last season.

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Images from: Isekai Cheat Magician. Dir. T Daisuke. Encourage Films. 2019.

3 thoughts on “Isekai Cheat Magician Review Episode 2

  1. Harmless as a series I’d say, I kinda like it in how simple it is, it’s a nice run it in the backgrond while I do some other things too, type of series.
    For some reason I am a bit irked to how “sharp” it looks though not fully sure how to explain it but sometimes I feel like characters are a bit “pasted” into the background, almost as if in a visual novel. I dunno.. I just watch it and something feels “off” to me.

    1. I get a similar feeling when watching a lot of ufotable titles. The characters look great, the background looks great, but the two don’t look like they are in the same scene. I hadn’t noticed it in this one but that’s probably because it is a nice anime to hit play on and just kind of disconnect for a bit. Very relaxing to watch.

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