17 thoughts on “Is My Dress Up Darling Worth Watching?

  1. You can kinda tell this was written by a woman. Marin’s got a little more bite in her, like she could really easily fall into “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” but she just toes the line. And Gojou has more depth then the normal stock self insert Protag-kun. Both are cute and expressive.

    1. I’m not a fan of characters being classified as ‘manic pixie dream girls’ largely because I think it ignores a lot of their character traits and generalises them by their narrative role (and they might serve that narrative role but frequently there’s more to them if you look a bit closer). And Marin does seem to fit the narrative role but as you said, she seems like she’ll be an interesting character.

    1. There seem to be a lot of isekai or generic fantasy titles coming out this season. While I like that sort of anime I do like to have a little variety in my watch list and I’m thinking this one is going to hit the cute and potentially romantic spot for me. I’ll see how the next episode goes but this was the first ‘first episode’ that really made me excited about continuing. There’s a couple of others that have so far made me curious enough but I’m still waiting for quite a few shows to air their first episode.

      1. I tend not to jump into a new season. I’ll wait for most of the new stuff to come out and then I’ll watch whatever sounds good in the reviews. There are enough “classics” I haven’t seen to keep me busy across the breaks.

        That is the reason why I don’t do many anime reviews any more. Just feels like wth all the other reviewers out there, I’m redundant.

  2. Apart from the silly table bump scene, this wasn’t as twee as I could have been. The possibly romance is practically guaranteed by this might be a gentle slice-of-life show to kick off my Sunday mornings.

    1. The table bump scene was so stupidly on the nose for a meet cute that I couldn’t help but find it adorable. Stupid, but adorably so.

  3. In the first episode, we have the proper establishment of the characters, as well as a little growth. We have a meeting between two people who seem different, but have common ground in their unusual interests. We have the early stages of establishing a relationship, without any special gimmicks or hoops or anything to force the situation, where two people are building each other up. And both of them have practical capabilities which contribute to the new experiences they are embarking on together.

    I was surprised to be enjoying this, yes, but it’s not surprising to enjoy a show that starts off quite so well and so capably.

  4. I had the same thoughts on it! It’s just so adorable. Two shows of almost straight sugar for me this season since Takagi-san is also airing.

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