Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in A Dungeon Light Novel Volume 4 Review


I was really excited to pick up this volume because I knew it was going to introduce Welf Crozzo and he was a character I really wanted to know more about that the anime barely touched on. So, did it meet my expectations?


This was one of those really fun reads where I anticipated something, didn’t quite get what I expected, but was still pretty thrilled nonetheless. Certainly, this is the novel where Bell finally meets Welf and they make a contract as adventurer and smith, but this book has so much more going on than just that.

Bell’s ascension to level two is big news. Now the anime did touch on this, but the reactions of other characters was not as pronounced and the whole levelling up thing didn’t seem quite the big deal other than just another step on the road. The book spends a lot of time on Bell meeting with people who are reacting to the news and you really see the impact the news has on the town of Orario. This helps really flesh out the world this character is in and makes things seem just a little bit more authentic.

We also see a bit more of Bell and Hestia’s relationship, both with Bell receiving a new skill and with Hestia having to go to a meeting of the Gods to get his title sorted out. There’s also a short story at the end that retells some of the events from early in volume 1 but from Hestia’s point of view. All of this continues to help build the relationship between these two characters and expand on the reader’s understanding of who they are as people.


We also have Welf’s introduction and slowly get pieces of his story both from him and from other characters that Bell talks to about him. This is definitely satisfying as it takes the character who was kind of fun in the anime and really shapes him. His motivations seems a lot clearer as does his growing friendship with Bell. Now, if I’m honest, this is probably a slow part of the story for people who aren’t fans of Welf, but for me I was really happy to read this and learn more about him so even though it feels like the Dungeon action has kind of crawled to a halt at times in this volume, I was very happy with what I was getting instead.

The final part of the book is focused on a familia that really didn’t show up much at all in anime but here are fairly important. Bell ends up going on a quest outside of the city (not into the dungeon) to help them out. Again, it isn’t the most exciting of moments this series has offered, but it does help grow an understanding of the world, how the familia’s and gods interact, and the complex web of interconnections within Orario.

Volume 4 very much helps build a clearer image of the world outside of the dungeon and as a result provides a foundation for so many more adventures rather than just going into the dungeon time and again (not that the dungeon is boring, but eventually Bell gets into trouble in a dungeon would wear thing in terms of plot). With some great character moments, some excellent world building, and by moving along through a few different sections, volume 4 has managed to be a fairly compelling read even while it might be the most forgettable of the series so far.

Still, definitely some promise of some excellent stories to come from this point and I look forward to reading them.

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9 thoughts on “Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in A Dungeon Light Novel Volume 4 Review

  1. You know, I’ve been on a LN binge lately, and this looks fun. As a newbie, could I ask what
    other LNs you can suggest for me? I’m almost done with all the translated volumes of Devil is a Part-timer, and I need other things to take up my attention now before I go into a post-LN depression.

    1. I’ve only been reading LN’s for a year but Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon and Grimgar are probably my two favourite series so far. I’ve finished the first book of Arifureta and it is on my review pile but I immediately bought book two after finishing that because I loved it. Goblin Slayer is decent, though seems to be slowing down around the book 3/4 mark.

  2. Would you recommend the light novels? I’ve been itching to pick them up, but having seen the anime I was a bit let down by the ending to be completely honest. That being said, I’m sure they skipped over important/semi-important portions of the light novels to create the anime.

    1. I’ve really enjoyed these light novels and I’ve already bought the next handful of books in the series to read on now that I’ve caught up to where the anime left us. While No Game No Life and the Devil is a Part Timer light novels both left me feeling kind of meh, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon makes me want to keep reading and I really am enjoying the characters a lot in the books.
      Why not try the first volume and see if you like the writing style? That will probably be what will end up being the deciding factor. The plot is more or less what we get in the anime (at least for these first five volumes) and while there are some added character details, particularly for Welf and Lily once they get introduced, it is still more or less the same. That said, I feel like like I’m more connected to the over-arching plot in the novels than in the anime as while the anime certainly shows us other gods are interested in Bell, it isn’t a major point, where it comes through loudly and clearly in the novels giving you a sense that there is more coming and making you want to keep reading.

    1. Reading the light novel, not the manga. Can I say both? I love the anime but I feel like I’m getting more knowledge about the world and characters through reading the light novel and it has so far been quite enjoyable.

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