Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 45



This episode is essentially the battle that we’ve been heading towards for quite awhile. Though with so little reason to care given Tekkadan threw themselves willingly into the hopeless conflict, McGillis’ plan was pretty much nothing, and given none of the other players have mattered in the slightest, essentially this is just watching bits of metal beat and shoot each other into space debris. Even the known character who died at the end of the episode couldn’t really create an emotional response given again, his death was so obvious and he willingly threw himself at it. While I genuinely had a great time watching season 1, season 2 of this show has been mostly tedious and to be honest I really don’t care who wins this battle or who survives. Still don’t want Atra to die but I’m struggling to see how she’s going to survive at this point.

Iron Blooded Orphans is available on AnimeLab.

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3 thoughts on “Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 45

  1. Gundam series have been hit or miss for me, maybe I’m out of the loop. I’ve liked quite a few, others eh. Right now I’m struggling with Unicorn, trying to find a aspect of that series to care for.

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