Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 41 (Take 2)


This is a second attempt (and a rushed one) due to the actual review disappearing into the endless nothing that is cyber space. I wonder if it will ever be found?


From the start this episode is depressing in that really good way that only mourning fictional characters you respected can be. While their deaths were fairly pointless (even from the point of view of the guys who set them up to die because it still didn’t achieve their overall objective), they left enough of a lasting impact on the cast we’ve come to, if not love, at least respect and want to see get something other than a tragic Gundam ending. But no. This episode makes it clear, no such creature exists and we put the final pieces in place for further tragedy and hardship.


It still hurts and I watched the episode at the start of the week. But here is where I respect this anime. There were many moments in this episode where they could have pulled the trigger (literally and metaphorically) and started things moving toward what we can only assume will be a terrible blood bath at this point and yet they paused and reflected and made us wait for the moment they’d clearly flagged was coming. And when it came, it hit hard. While my biggest criticism of this second season has been a lack of things really happening, the last two episodes have been a great payoff for the wait and it does feel now like all the pieces are in place. The only question will be how many characters come out the other side when we get to season’s end.

And seriously, where did the contents of my original post go?

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2 thoughts on “Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 41 (Take 2)

  1. That is a mystery everyone would like to know. Where does these packets of data go to. Do they enter some twilight interwebz hole?.

    1. Well somewhere out there is my original review of this episode and it was quite thoughtful and actually much longer than normal because this episode packed a fair punch. The second take here is the summarised version of it based on what I could remember writing about.

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