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For anyone who has ever asked me what any Gundam story is about, episode 40 of Iron Blooded Orphans kind of defines it. Multiple factions seeking their own goals (mostly selfish ones) taking questionable actions in defence of either pride, honour, life, or some other motivator that makes backing away impossible, and the end result is usually a fairly cool space battle ending in deaths which will first be mourned and then will later give rise to yet more violence.


It’s taken Orphans a longer time to get to this point in season 2 than a lot of other Gundam stories but ultimately this is where we are and while Naze’s death is tragic it was most definitely inevitable at this point. What annoys is how incredibly pointless it was (even though most actions in Gundam end up being pointless given even if you manage to save a life it will most likely still be ended before the final episode).


Orga is the one I am really concerned about. I loved the positioning in this scene though with the symbol for Tekkadan prominently behind him showing us exactly why he couldn’t just act on his desire to help the Turbines. Though, maybe this inner turmoil and angst is pointless when you consider what Iok used against the Turbines. Would Tekkadan have actually made a difference to the outcome?

All and all, this episode really moves things forward from the political manoeuvering that has dominated a lot of this season and it kind of looks like events are getting firmly locked in place. The only question that remains is who will be left standing once all the moves are played?

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