Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 38



The battle is over though at a high cost to Mikazuki which then raises a lot of character questions about Mikazuki. Mostly because even though up until now he’s been relatively indifferent to most of anything and willing to do whatever Orga says, deep down I kept thinking there was more to his character and that he was keenly observing what was going on. After seeing this episode I’m now wondering if he really is just an empty vessel. Mikazuki aside, the other characters are maneuvering for position and doing damage control though while the cost of repairs to machines will be high, I somewhat suspect the damage to Orga’s calm is going to have longer lasting consequences (and in sticking with the usual pattern instead of just seeing that Orga is unsettled we have three separate characters make observations about his choices and actions – this show does not do subtle). Anyway, it feels like we’ve been on a long journey with these characters but now we’re starting to see the end point though it doesn’t look like they are going to get their happily ever after and even if some characters do it will be at a high price. Then again, it is a Gundam show so what did we expect.

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