Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 35


Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 35 Review:

Iron Blooded Orphans spent a lot of this episode in set-up mode however unlike last week, this week we get a payoff at the end with the potential for some real fun next week. Despite that, this week didn’t feel as dull as it kind of felt like we were seeing more of the changes Kudelia has been working toward since season 1 and given she’s been sidelined a lot of this season it was good  to see an acknowledgement that she is still progressing in her own way even if she didn’t just hook up with Tekkadan and go along for the ride.

I do question why anyone would even bother someone would claim that something is being done in secret when it seems like everyone knows more or less in real time that it is happening and I also wonder about how they all got to Mars that fast given previously travel and the delay has been an issue, but these are minor nit-picks rather than major issues.

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