Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 33


Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 33 Review:

Still dealing with the fallout the characters of Iron Blooded Orphans spend a lot of this episode sitting around and talking. We have to spell out everything while still not really revealing what the final play of this series might be though Tekkadan is definitely heading for something given the current proposal in front of them.

This really leaves us with the question of  what Orga’s intentions have been?

If he just wanted a place for the orphans they passed that point ages ago. Mikazuki actually says toward the end of this episode that it’s taken longer than he thought to get to where they are going and it makes you wonder if that is Mikazuki’s not so subtle way of trying to rein Orga in from a major mistake.

So about the only definite thing from this episode is Takaki has left Tekkadan and unless something tragic happens on Earth (which is quite possible) he may end up being the smart one of the group who got out before it all fell to pieces.

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