Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 31



I know I’ve been predicting death for the cast of Iron Blooded Orphans for awhile now, but it is just as true this week. This is the slow motion fall toward an inevitable end (and not just because it’s part of the Gundam series). It doesn’t seem possible we could get through the next episode without someone biting it but maybe they’ll stretch this tension further. I think that’s what is really working for this series. It knows someone is going to die. The audience knows someone is going to die. But they are raising enough death flags over enough different characters that either we’re in for a massacre or they really just want to keep us guessing when and where.

That said, I’m being kind of callous given there were casualties already from Tekkadan but the show didn’t really seem to care about any of them and only one was even given a name. Plus, they’ve been mowing down the enemy left and right and nobody seems to care about any of them. This treatment of people as nothing is consistent with the show in general though with their fascination with the phrase human debris. Not to mention, we’re all just kind of waiting for Takaki to realise that their ‘leader’ is just playing with them.

It’s hard to say this episode was enjoyable because mostly you are just waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it definitely continues the story along and keeps you watching.

Iron Blooded Orphans is available on AnimeLab.

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