Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 29



The fight from last week finished in a  relatively unspectacular fashion (unaided by the fact that it took me a few minutes to remember who was fighting who and why) and then we get an episode of playing politics (as long as that includes shooting people who tick you off and making obviously shady alliances). So far this continuation of Iron Blooded Orphans has been alright but it isn’t really drawing me in the way the first half of this series did. Part of the issue are the sheer number or groups and alliances that are involved. Yeah, Gundam shows always have a fair sized cast but there are just too many agendas running around this particular anime. The first season focussed very much on the orphans navigating this and forging their own group and they interacted with these other groups but while that is still the main focus we are also seeing a lot more of the other group’s agendas now.

Iron Blood Orphans is available on AnimeLab.

3 thoughts on “Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 29

  1. I love Mecha shows, but it looks this one shares the same problem that Macross Delta had: way too many characters to keep track of. A problem that for instance Game of Thrones has as well. I love the show, but at times I really tend to forget who is who. Still, having never really followed a Gundam show, I have heard pretty good things about it, so might check this one out.

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