Irina and Karandi Discuss Our First Impressions of the Winter Anime Season

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Hey everyone! It’s time for a new season of anime and by now most of the new anime have kicked off and given us at least one episode (if not two or even three). As such Irina and I have joined forces to discuss the Winter 2020 anime season.Anything to say, Irina, before we kick off?

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Oh, Hi Guys! Winter 2020 has started and I am just loving this season. Maybe the anime industry finally decided that catering personally to me was the way to go and I have to say, it’s a decision I agree with!

As much as I was trying to keep my watch load light this season, there’s been quite a few shows that have grabbed my attention early on because they just happen to hit particular genres or styles I like. So yeah, Winter 2020 is looking to be a very fun season. Though given we usually have fairly differing views on anime, I’m interested to hear what has caught your attention. But let’s start at the beginning: What were you most looking forward to?

The honest answer is Haikyuu. I am a huge fan of the series and my heart jumped when I saw a new season announced. But as I always am, I was a little scared it wouldn’t live up to my expectations so there were a couple of backup picks. Pet was one if only because it played hard to get with me not coming out in 2019 as it was originally announced. I had a season to build up anticipation. The other was Ishuzoku Reviewers for reasons I cannot explain. Unfortunately I don’t have the platform for that one.

I think a lot of people were anticipating this.

I still don’t have access to Pet and I was actually fairly sad about that because we’d agreed to cover it together last season. My honest answer is pretty straight forward, I hadn’t looked at what was coming out in the Winter season because the end of last season was hectic enough so I wasn’t really looking forward to anything. That’s allowed me to be pleasantly (and not-so pleasantly) surprised as the first episodes have rolled out.

Which means I’ve tried a little bit of everything. I think the only two shows I have access to that I didn’t at least start the first episode of was Asteroid in Love (really doesn’t seem like my kind of anime and I was looking to keep the watch list low) and Interspecies Reviewers (which definitely isn’t the kind of anime I’m going to enjoy so I’ll leave reviewing it to someone who might enjoy it). What have you tried so far?

Let’s see, Pet, The Case Files of Jeweller Richard, Haikyuu, Somali and the Forest Spirit, Keep your Hands Off Eizouken, In/Specter, Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga, Boku no Tonari. I was excited to see a new season of Idolish 7, it’s going in my binge file.

So pretty.

And, so what was your favourite premiere?

Hmmmm. I don’t know…. I loved Somali for the storybook feel and lovely colours, I loved Eizouken for the sheer joyfulness and love of anime, I loved In/Spectrr for best girl Kotoko and the fun pulpy atmosphere complete with silly Yokai and Haikyuu had me cheering all alone in my living room. And there are a lot of series I’m keeping to binge after the season is done, so there you have it. They are all favourite…. may not understand what favourite actually means.

Totally agree about Eizouken and it would have taken the position of my favourite premiere until I watched In/Spectre. Everything about the In/Spectre anime appeals to me so far so even though it is unlikely to have the quality of some of the other anime coming out this season, I think I’ll enjoy it the most.


On the other hand I made it less than ten minutes through A Destructive God Sits Next To Me. I just keep thinking that once again there’s a couple of popular shows about characters with Chuunibyou and other anime seem to feel that just dropping that character (or more than one) into a story is enough. Everything about the minutes I watched of that anime annoyed me. Then again, the anime about the two science students falling love also got a mid-episode drop from me. It was like a discount version of Kaguya-Sama and I didn’t like that. Anything earn a drop from you yet?

None, my 2020 loose goal to drop more anime is not off to the best start.

I plan on reviewing Pet right here on 100 Word Anime. The Case Files of Jeweller Richard, Keep your Hands Off Eizouken and  In/Specter as collabs with you while I will be continuing the second cour of My Hero Academia with Crow. Haikyuu and Somali and the Forest Spirit over on my blog. 


The other titles I plan to watch as a binge once the season is over and I will probably eventually do series reviews of those as well.

How about your plans? I’m sure the readers are eager to know!

For me, I’ve got the collaborations with you, My Hero Academia with Kapodaco, and then I’m planning to cover Bofuri, ID: Invaded and Darwin’s Game. Depending on various factors at work I’ll try and cover Magia Record, Haikyu and Somali and the Forest Spirit but these may end up just being binged and reviewed later. I feel they’ll all get good coverage elsewhere, and particularly with Haikyu I think I’ll enjoy it more if I just binge watch it.

Still, sounds like we’re both going to be pretty busy. Having fun, but definitely busy. Hopefully Winter 2020 keeps going strong after such a promising beginning.

Thanks for Reading From
Irina and Karandi

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12 thoughts on “Irina and Karandi Discuss Our First Impressions of the Winter Anime Season

  1. After much agonising, I chose ID: Invaded, Eizouken, Magia Record and Uchitama alongside carryovers BnHA and Iruma-kun. (I explain more in a post coming out in a few days.)

    @Karandi – Did you ever catch up with Iruma, or did you have to cut reviewing that due to work restraints?

    1. Iruma is still in my queue but I haven’t caught up. I’ll probably binge it in small blocks at some point because I was enjoying it but at this point I won’t be doing anything with it weekly.

  2. This season feels absolutely LOADED to me. It came to a point where I watched about half of the season and just didn’t end up getting to all of them because I was satisfied with what I was watching. That’s rare for me, and I still want to try out about another 4-5 shows that I didn’t even get to watch.

    The season has it all too; something that anyone can enjoy. BOFURI is cute, In/Spectre and ID:Invasion got the mystery/psychological stuff, Darwin’s Game is a grounded thriller, Asteroid in Love/Heya Camp is comfy, Bodoukan and 22/7 are completely different idol shows… and I didn’t even mention the hits like Eizouken, Magia Record, and Railgun T.

    I’m just in shock really. I’m glad everyone seems to be enjoying the season. Wish every season had this many interesting and enjoyable shows.

  3. I’ve been loving a lot of things this season, but it’s also the season where I am always going to be continually behind on something because of Funimation sometimes or just have to use another service. That’s not stopping me from enjoying a lot of things.

    So on my list;

    Hold overs:
    Fate/grand order
    Blade of the Immortal

    Magia Record
    ID Invaders
    Haikyu (though I’ve cheating because manga)

    That’s about all I have time for, but that’s still quite a bit and I don’t feel like dropping any of them at the moment.

  4. This seems to be an especially fruitful season–so much so that I’ve even resurrected my Funimation account in order to catch several shows. Being overwhelmed with quality choices is a beautiful problem to have!

  5. It’s a really good season. Eizouken and Hanako-kun are just great. Somali is cute. Runway has great potential, but it’s not a sure-fire hit. Magia Record is a lot better than I expected (and now I’m worried it’ll fall apart). 22/7 feels like an AKB0048 redux; I’m enjoying it but it’s also a bit puzzling. In/Spectre is a surprise hit. Seton Gakuen is the fun sort of trash, though I still don’t find excrement funny. I wish Nekopara was more like the OVA. And I still don’t really know what to make of Pet. Here’s a lits of everything I’m watching or have tried:

    Watching (in order of affection – carryovers in brackets):

    Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
    Somali and the Forest Spirit
    Haikyu: to the Top!
    Runway de Waratte
    Magia Record
    (Phantasy Star Online 2)
    (Chihayafuru 3)
    (Mairimashita Iruma kun)
    Show By Rock!! Mairumesh!!
    Murenase Seton Gakuen
    Heya Camp
    Jeweler Richard
    Isekai Quartet 2
    Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei Shite Mita
    Hatena Illusion
    Yatogame Kansatsu Nikki 2
    Destructive God
    Koisuru Asteroid

    Dropped (in alphabetical order):

    Darwin’s Game
    Interspecies Reviewers
    Number 24
    Oda Cinammon Nobunaga

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