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There were some good moments and some information about how society is adjusting to demis in this episode. Sprinkled in amongst some incredibly lame or dull moments. Is it really necessary for Hikari to be unable to provide a simple description of a person? Is it actually necessary for Sakie to deliver this self-aware gem that just fell completely flat in the conversation given there was really no reason for it:


Was there any reason for the younger detective at all and his wall jumping attack? These things distracted and added nothing.

Also, the ending of this episode might be seen as sweet by some but I just found it slightly gag worthy. Yes, you two smoking men can protect all the female demis with your good intentions just because you are male. No way could they possibly sort out their own issues without you. Okay, I’m projecting my own issues into my interpretation but I just found this whole scene distasteful.

That said, let’s end on a positive. I absolutely loved Sakie’s reaction when she tried to rationalise her own feelings. They kind of nailed the execution by providing an external monologue of exactly what happens in your head when you try to rationalise something as irrational as romance.


So, this episode didn’t do much to sell me on the show but it didn’t make me drop it so on we go to next week.

Interviews with Monster Girls is available on Crunchyroll.

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