Interviews With Monster Girls Episode 5



This perfectly pleasant and adorable series may very soon be the next one I drop. I’m seriously dying of boredom while watching and it wasn’t just that it took over 4 hours for to actually see the whole episode due to severe and repeated internet failure (though that certainly didn’t help the viewing experience).

This episode Takahashi is helping snow girl through her troubles. It is sweet and the friendship between the girls is heart warming and seriously these characters don’t do anything but sit around talking and develop crushes on the teacher. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it just isn’t my type of show so I’ll probably give this one more episode to see if anything else is going to come to the surface and then I’ll decide whether I’m sticking it out to seasons end or letting it go.

Interviews With Monster Girls is available on Crunchyroll.

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5 thoughts on “Interviews With Monster Girls Episode 5

  1. Another cute girls doing cute things anime? I think that’s okay for when you want something lighthearted to pass the time and make you feel nice inside, but not to follow weekly…
    Nevertheless, if it’s adorable enough I might give it a try! Maybe it gets some substance in later episodes? We’ll see 🙂

    1. I was hoping for some substance but so far no such luck. One or two moments of thoughtful reflection and then on with the fluffy nothingness which I guess is appealing to some.

      1. I guess it is but for how long? I love fluffy, light anime too but if there’s absolutely nothing going on for over 6 episodes I eventually grow bored… Unless there’s something really special about it that pulls me in every time.

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