Interviews With Monster Girls Episode 3



This week we focus more on the succubus teacher (and despite that her name is completely forgotten after the episode). I was actually fairly drawn in to the episode during the first half while we followed her daily life because they really made the challenges she faced as a demi trying to live a normal life quite clear and you could understand some of her reactions in episode 1. The second half however where she is talking with the dullahan in the library just makes you wonder what rules there are in Japan governing student-teacher relations given the succubus doesn’t bat an eye over the girl falling for the teacher, but ratherĀ  gets jealous because she’s also kind of falling for him. And so Takahashi’s harem is more or less complete. Next week, the snow girl.

Interviews With Monster Girls is availavle on Crunchyroll.

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5 thoughts on “Interviews With Monster Girls Episode 3

  1. i think if a new season of interviews with monster girls is introduced we finally have more of the new invisible girl join the harem she enjoys being nude but to find make her a bit more visible she put on body paint sometimes.

    1. I definitely liked seeing her day to day life andjust getting a feel for what she goes through to try to live a normal life. Too bad this doesn’t seem to be the focus of the show.

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