Interviews with Monster Girls Episodes 1 + 2


Demi-humans are apparently a thing so there are vampires, snow women and whatever else running around in the world. Takahashi is a Biology teacher who wants to interview demi-humans for a paper he’s writing but hasn’t met any, until the new teacher at school and three students turn out to be demis.

Review Episode 1:

Honestly, I passed on this from the synopsis. It really just kind of seemed like a sleazy harem set-up or like a dull daily lives kind of thing with the cheap gimmick of some of the characters being monsters thrown in. And that second view is kind of accurate except that it isn’t all that dull. Okay, nothing momentous happened but the characters kind of kept things moving along and most of the interactions between them were entertaining enough. Whether or not I stay interested in this remains to be seen but for now I’m in for at least one more episode.

Review Episode 2:

This episode was a little bit more on the dull side probably because we spend a great deal of it on a date with Macchi and Takahashi (what is it with girls crushing on their teacher in anime).


Anyway, the suspected harem setting seems to be closer than I thought with Macchi already looking at teacher, Hikari a little bit jealous, and the succubus teacher starting to warm up to Takahashi because of the way he deals with the girls and their problems. This stayed fairly cute and there were one or two funny moments, mostly involving Hikari’s promise to look after Macchi’s body while she went on her date.


But if this is going to be the ongoing tone and pace of the show I’m probably not going to make it through a full season. We’ll see what happens.

Interviews with Monster Girls is available on Crunchyroll.

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8 thoughts on “Interviews with Monster Girls Episodes 1 + 2

  1. Needs a tsundere lycanthrope. Or a centaur princess. Everything’s better with centaurs. :3

  2. The first thing that I thought about when I heard about this show is Monster Musume from last year, which is not a good thing in my opinion. That being said, I have not watched the show yet (so many shows, so little time), so take what I am about to say with a grain of salt. The idea of the students going on “dates” with the teacher is just a little bit too creepy for my tastes, but I was kind of expecting it to be honest considering the history of monster girl shows. I might give this a shot if I can find some time for it.

  3. I was considering this as an alternate this season, but I can’t quite fit it into the schedule at this point. I am always curious to see how anime represents discrimination and misunderstandings between different cultures, but from your episode 2 remarks it’s questionable as to how much attention that might get.

    I look forward to what you think of the rest of the season, however much longer you plan to watch, as I might watch this at season’s end depending on how it goes.

  4. A part of me wishes the tone of this was a bit more serious when it comes to the possible romance, sort of like Scum’s Wish. Also, it would have been cool if they brought monster discrimination in since it seemed with them talking about laws and government services to protect and help demis, them being public is a fairly new thing. Yet, outside of Hikari having one moment of worrying if her sensei maybe prejudice, it is like their existence has long been normalized.

    1. Yeah, there didn’t seem to be any reaction at all to a guy walking around holdingthe head of a teenage girl which you would think would at least get some stares if prejudice is an issue.

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