Inquiring Minds Want To Know #8

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Question: What is your favourite time of an anime season? The start of it? Midway? Or at the end? From Anon.


If I turn this around it is a bit easier to answer. The midway point is probably my least favourite point because so many shows have mid-season slumps and some shows that I pick for my watch list have proven to be duds but I usually stubbornly cling to them anyway. There’s little to recommend the mid-season other than it holds the rest of the season together and occasionally a show will demonstrate it knows just how to handle the midpoint.

So with the choice of the beginning or the end this is quite hard. For shows that are good, I love the end of them. I love seeing a narrative play out and come to its climax just leaving you with the sense you want to dive back into the story and watch it again. However, for other shows the only thing the end of the season brings is relief that they are done, which I guess is kind of satisfying in their own way.

However, the beginning of a season is hectic. It isn’t just picking the shows it is also keeping track of what has been released and where and weighing up the pros and cons of adding a show to the watch list. Still, there’s so much fun in speculating about where a title might go and taking a gamble on a show that looks dodgy but might come good (most of these gambles fail). But I think that kind of answers the question. The start of the season is where all the possibilities still lie and the conversation is buzzing.

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Okay readers, what do you think? Is there a favourite time of the season?

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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11 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want To Know #8

  1. At the end of a season, it’s hard to figure out what to watch next (because now you have time for that seemingly endless backlog) so I’d probably go for the second and third weeks in a season because of all the movement. You always gain an attachment to shows you watch during the simulcast is happening, after all.

  2. I really enjoy seeing all the first episodes and picking what I want to follow. Then maybe finding some new ones that I overlooked later on. I do also enjoy a good marathon!

    1. It seems a lot of people enjoy the start of the season. Does that mean we all just have short attention spans or does it mean that we’re all optimists and the start of the season allows us to imagine how great things might be?

      1. Maybe a bit of both haha! There is nothing like the feeling of watching that first episode and being amazed. There is also nothing like the feeling of watching a sub-par second episode and wanting to cry tears of frustration seeing lost potential and hoping that they pick up ground that they lost again.

        1. Totally agree. Definitely got that from Record of Grancrest War. The first episode wasn’t amazing but there was a lot of potential for it to be a fairly decent fantasy. By the end of episode two that hope had eroded a lot. And now I think those of us still watching it are just scratching our heads and wondering why.

          1. Yeah, I have not seen any good reviews of that anime which is sad when you see that something will have more than 12 episodes you think that they put more effort into the writing. So far all the anime that I’ve picked up have been decent. I’m a bit skittish since my disappointment was with Zodiac War in the fall.

  3. I’ve been off seasonal anime for a while but the first two or three weeks are by far my favourite of any season.
    Everything seems like it’s full of limitless potential…until the story progresses and drives itself into the ground with a rushed ending or just an overall drop in quality.
    Pessimistic, I know but I’m always filled with the hope that “this one will be really good” and at least I can enjoy that feeling while it lasts…

    1. I think that’s where I ended up. I really do enjoy the start of a new season with all its possibilities and then shows go through that mid-season slump with only a few recovering to finish well.
      I must admit, as we are at the tail end of a season now, I’m already kind of anticipating the new crop of shows even though I’m not unhappy with what I’m watching.

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