Inquiring Minds Want To Know #7


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Question: Is there something Karandi-san has been wanting to try out, but has never gotten to, either because of time constraints or other reasons? From Manga Toritsukareru Koto


Okay, so if you followed my blog last year you should know I was attempting to complete a video project and then my real life work-life went crazy on me. Since then I had to change computers (don’t ask), updating to Windows10 and now I’m back to square one with learning how to use a new program for video editing. I know I just don’t have time to view the anime I want to watch, keep up my normal posting schedule, have any time away from work or the blog, and produce video content at the moment and that is kind of why the Patreon page exists to try to start earning from the blog so I can start cutting back work hours elsewhere and put them into the blog. Still, I’m a long way off that target so I’m just going to keep slowly learning what I need to learn and not rush that one. While I would like to get something out for patrons as a thanks for supporting that goal I also don’t want to produce terrible content.

Outside of the blog, I haven’t tried everything on the menu at San Churro. Now, I only get to eat there when I’m in Brisbane and each time I travel there I make sure somewhere in my plans is a visit to San Churro, but then I want to eat something I’ve had before because it tasted amazing and they add specials and things to the menu so I just never get to actually trying everything on the menu (except the coffee – I’ll pass on that). I figure I’ll get there eventually and in the meantime it is an excuse to keep going in my plans, and maybe be thankful that I live so far away from it given I would probably severely overindulge otherwise.

On a more serious note (though serious is subjective), I always wanted to learn sword fighting (any style, not too picky). This is a throw-back to the teenage fantasy fan in me who thought it would be so cool. In addition to not having the time or really any ability to follow through on that one, it is kind of a useless skill in the modern world. Still, swords and sword fights are really cool (shiny).

For the most part though, if I want to learn something or do something, I tend to just get in and have a go. The problem is I’ve learned a lot fairly pointless skills over the years and then you don’t use them and so they go and get rusty. I mean, knowing how to dye silk is awesome, but when would I need to do it. Much like lighting a fire with a flint. The likelihood of my having my flint with me and not a box of matches or a lighter when I need to light a fire is pretty low. Still, one thing I love about the internet is if I want to learn something badly enough, someone has made a tutorial or a how to guide and you can usually figure it out.


As usual, I’m going to turn this over to the reader’s. So, is there something you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t?

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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13 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want To Know #7

  1. I wanted to learn guitar forever, I did take lessons but I stopped when I moved. Now it is sitting in the closet waiting to be played again.

  2. Oh, I wanted to learn sword fighting too!
    So much so that I actually carved out wooden swords and practiced. But then my mother got angry because I kept bruising myself so I had to stop…
    Thanks for answering my question Karandi-san~

    1. No problem, I really enjoyed this one.
      I will admit, my sister and I spent many a weekend with sticks thwacking at each other in the yard when I was much, much younger.

  3. Sword fighting is cool, but yeah, sadly, it can’t be used in the modern world unless you’re involved in some kind of production. :_<

  4. “Much like lighting a fire with a flint.” you never know, it could come handy if ever you found yourself in a season of Survivor or something xD

    Now, for me, I’ve always wanted to try writing (and subsequently finishing) a story. I have drafts here and there, but they’re all just spur of the moment stuff that I end up leaving as is (either for lack of actual direction or I just forgot where I was going with it). I’d say it’s a time/scheduling thing, but a lot of the times it’s a mood or an inspiration thing too, and I’ve yet to make all those factors intersect.

    1. The problem when you finish writing a story is you then have to edit it and if you actually get around to publishing you then have to promote it. Neither one of those activities is as fun as the initial planning, thinking and drafting which if probably why I’m not really in a rush to finish any of my current writing projects.

  5. I want to learn how to skateboard for practical reasons (getting to places faster). It looks kind of hard and dangerous though… and I’m very not athletic. I often see people with injuries which makes me stray away from it, but I do want to learn how to skate though! U_U

    1. Why not try a scooter? Slightly more stable, though just as likely to be hit by a car so I’d avoid as well, but less chance of just losing your balance.

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