Inquiring Minds Want To Know #16

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Question: Which is your favourite post to re-read? From anon.

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This one is going to be short because the simple answer is I probably don’t re-read posts after they’ve gone out. Or if we’re talking about other blogs, I tend to read through something once and then I’ll move on. Which is odd when I think about it given how much I love re-watching and re-reading stories. I wonder why it is that I don’t feel any compulsion to re-read a blog post other than the transient nature of blogs and the fact that there is always something new to think about and discuss.

In regards to my own posts they tend to get drafted, reviewed and edited, a re-read before posting if time allows, and then after they go out I do another read on the site just to check formatting and catch those typos that have annoyingly been missed in all the prior checks. Depending on how much damage there is I may then do another edit. Occasionally I have to re-read a post to respond to a comment because I sometimes don’t get what they are responding to until I’ve read the post through again and then it makes sense. Other times I have to re-read a post because I know I’ve previously discussed an idea that I want to link to and I have to check what has been said or which post that comment was in.

Sorry it isn’t really an answer but it was an interesting question.

levy reading

Now I’m kind of curious about whether people re-read posts or not. Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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10 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want To Know #16

  1. I try to do my posts a day or two early, then do a final re-read to check for spelling, rewriting, or adding something. I don’t re-read my old ones, unless I use them as a tie-in to a newer post.

  2. I do reread my posts for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s to compare how my writing has changed, especially if I want to recapture something I feel my writing is now missing. Other times it’s simply to remember what I said previously in a topic but most often I do it to capture the first time watching an anime.

    You only get one time to be sat in the unknown regarding an anime and I usually write my reviews very quickly after to capture my honest feelings about it. Reading these posts reminds me of what I was feeling at the time and how impressed or not so impressed I was xD it’s like looking at your past self through a window…

  3. I tend to re-read my posts because I’m a bit of a narcissist when it co. es to posts I’m really proud of, but also because I like (hate?) looking back on my mediocre posts and seeing how much my personality and writing style has changed.

  4. I don’t re-read blog posts. The only time when I come close is skimming over the post again before I comment just to make sure I didn’t miss the thing I’m talking about in the comment.

  5. Hmm … I tend to re-read my own sometimes, if I’m doing a follow-up or want to remind myself what I wrote. I do re-read some other peoples posts too though. Often, if i’ve commented on a bunch of posts and i’m about to reply to a reply, I re-read because my memory can sometimes be shaky. Plus, some posts are just plain entertaining.

  6. Sometimes I reread posts… If there’s a particular reason to. I re-read my Anime Avengers post when working on my Anime Adventurers post as part of my research. Other times, I’m double checking what or how I said something in particular.

  7. I like to re-read my old posts every so often just to gauge how my mindset was back then compared to how it is now. Also when I’m feeling nostalgic I’ll look back at my posts with topics that trigger that nostalgia like no other. Just remembering what I felt like writing them, likely full of passion and merriment. It’s fun to try and recapture.

  8. Oh, I do it all the time. Though generally only if someone reminds me of it. Sometimes just as a refresher as to where my head was when talking about a thing previously. Though I don’t really do it for reviews. Just the editorial pieces, since those tend to be a bit more… laborious. And sometimes I’ll want to find something I said in an old post to refer to in a new one, which just about always results in my rereading the whole thing. Partially ego, partially nagging feeling of missed errors. And sometimes it’s just the desire to read an older thing randomly. Either I amused myself writing it, I wrote it with someone else (the most common, I think), or I want to treat it as sort of an exercise. The same way I reread some of my old original writing, just to see what kinds of ideas I had at the time and what I could improve on.

    I tend to only reread posts from people outside of myself if they’re funny. Oddly enough, if something’s just interesting, I tend to be far more capable of retaining the information in it, thus making the reread unnecessary. But if it’s funny, there’s something particularly satisfying about actually reading it again. Even if I remember the funny bits, down to the letter.

  9. Aside from the proofreading reread/rereading to find out what I’d written that had sparked a certain comment, generally I don’t reread my own posts. The exception so far is the collab series I’m doing with AstralGemini, due to how the “story” is set up in that.

    I’ll reread someone else’s post once or twice if I was intending to put it in a round-up and I didn’t have the post editor open at the time I was originally reading it.

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