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I have to thank Arthifis for this question and for making me realise the survey was displaying the wrong question – fixed now. Still this question definitely got me thinking and I would love to hear the responses from all the ani-bloggers out there.

I’d love to answer a question from you so fill in the survey or DM on twitter.

I would love to ask how are you able to push forward with Anime blogging for so many years without ever thinking in giving up? Or maybe it has crossed your mind from time to time. In that case, the question is how you are able to fight those thoughts xp


Honestly, I still feel like such a newbie when it come to blogging sometimes. I know I’ve been doing it since 2016, but it seems like every time I turn around there’s something new to learn or try or I realise that something I’ve been doing can be done in a much easier way. So basically it doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing something for a long time.

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Though, I had written a blog before on a different topic many years ago. I think the difference is that back then I didn’t really find a community like I have when writing about anime. I had some readers but they kind of came and went and there was no real sense that I was getting to know any of them or making any kind of connection. And the content kind of became repetitive and I didn’t really feel the need to write for it. Ultimately I found it far too easy to walk away from that blog.

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So why is 100 Word Anime different for me?

The content is something I am absolutely in love with. There’s always some anime somewhere for me to watch that I will want to talk about. If there’s ever a season that is so poor that I find nothing to watch (seems unlikely) there’s a million titles on my watch list that I could get back to and do some retro reviews of. I never feel like I’m reaching for ideas but more like I’m trying to stay on top of all the possible posts I could write.


Secondly, the interaction. Starting this blog has given me so many connections to other anime fans and I absolutely love that. When I finish watching an episode of anime now it isn’t just on to the next thing. Instead I can post a thought on Twitter and see what other people are saying, I can draft my thoughts for a review, and I can scroll through my reader to see who else is covering the episode and what they thought of it. It makes anime even more fun.

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Finally, I really do want to see how far I can go with this. I want to know just what I can make of the blog in the future. I have so many ideas and things I’d like to try when I have the time that it feels like I’ll never get to a point where I don’t have anything I want to say or do. At least half the things I decided at the start of the year that I wanted to try this year haven’t really happened so there’s always something more to try to do or reach for.


Ultimately, I think every blogger is going to have to answer this one for themselves and think about what they enjoy about blogging. For me it is the fact that it makes my hobby that I already love more fun, that I’ve made great friends and have a community to share that love with, and that I keep setting goals for the future so I feel like I’m heading somewhere.


So, if you are an ani-blogger, how do you keep moving forward without giving up? Of course if you want to ask me a question please DM me on Twitter or complete the survey.

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8 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want to Know #24

  1. I’ve thought about giving up my blog several times over the years, but every time I do I can guarantee I’ll stumble across some anime that I really want to talk about, but more than that I’ve come to realise that writing reviews is very refreshing and recharging for me. When I get bogged down in my other writing projects I can step away, find something to review and by the time I’m done I’m ready to step back into the arena with my other stuff. And now that I’m becoming more apart of the community there’s even less reason for me to leave, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to be doing this forever.

  2. Well I think you probably are already going to know my answer to this: but well here it comes: The interaction and the wonderful friends I have made through blogging is what has made it the most fun for me. While my blog is ofcourse not solely an anime blog, I have grown to rekindle my love for it (as you know because of running into your blog) and I just love it every day to read new posts, share comments, and just talk about stuff with people that I feel have become friends that are just as real as the friends in the “real world”. I have had a moment where I almost gave up, because of both my health and the busy job I have. While things on that last front haven’t improved, in the end I’m just glad I managed to get back to blogging. It lifts my spirits when I’m in a bad mood, and it has made me feel a part of something that I never knew would happen when I started all this.
    I have no idea if I will always remain a blogger, but right now for me, there is no end in sight yet! And I can only hope that your blog will continue indefinitely, but having read this post, I’m pretty sure there is no danger of you leaving us any time soon 😊

    1. Definitely no plans to stop any time soon and honestly I don’t think I would know what to do with myself if I didn’t blog in my free time. not to mention, giving up all these connections and friends online would really hurt at this point.

  3. For right now, I think my answer is blogging keeps me honest. It makes sure I keep my like on schedule and I get to talk about some cool stuff I really like and get to share those opinions with others who seem to be interested in even what older things I want to talk about. It’s amazing honestly.

    Also, i still think of myself as a new comer as well and I don’t think I’ve accomplished what I wanted to or perfected anything yet which is why I keep going until I find perfection.

    1. Perfection fortunately isn’t really an actual destination but more an aspiration which means if that’s your aim you’ll be around for a good long time. Yay.

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