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Question: If you were to describe yourself as an anime character what type would you be? Or which anime character would be most similar to you? From Chizu


I think I’ve mentioned this before in a post, though I can’t for the life of me remember where. Ririchiyo from from Inu x Boku SS is probably the anime character I can see as being most similar to me. Other than housing an ayakashi and having supernatural powers of course.

She’s shy and uncertain and covers that up by being pretty harsh with her words which then leads to profound guilt that makes her feel even more shy and uncertain. Ultimately she just kind of gives up and shuts herself away within herself until of course the magical healing of an impromptu family in the apartment building fixes things.

While I somehow don’t think I was ever as socially inept as Ririchiyo, I am very familiar with the feeling of rehearsing a conversation or an interaction and then later internally berating myself because it didn’t go according to script.

Of course, the other character I really saw a lot of myself in was Maka from Soul Eater. Mostly the study obsession but even some of her awkwardness and her frustration when she couldn’t succeed at something despite her best efforts.

So they are probably the two characters I think I’m similar to in some ways.


And now I’m asking my readers, which character or character type are you most similar to?

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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6 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want To Know #21

  1. It’s hard to nail down just one, as I see shades of myself in a lot of different characters, but I guess the one I relate most strongly to would be Tomoko from Watamote. It’s not a glamorous choice, but I’m not a glamorous person.

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