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Such a classic question this week and one that is sure to spark some interesting discussion amongst the readers – no shipping wars please. If you have something you’d like me to answer be sure to ask using the survey by following the link or scroll down to the bottom of the post. I’m looking forward to whatever question you want to throw my way.

Who’s your biggest OTP in anime?


I’ve previously looked at my favourite couples in anime from 2018 with Ash and Eiji coming up tops and I’ve looked at my favourite romantic anime with Kimi ni Todoke being my favourite and Snow White with the Red Hair being a close follow up. Surprisingly though I’ve never looked at my OTP (one true pair) though so I’ll probably have to do a top 5 list at some point this year on it.


Honestly I don’t know who my biggest one would be. I’ll probably have to sit down with all the options written out and do some pro-con listing to narrow it down and even then I’d probably be dissatisfied with picking just one.

However for this post let’s go with the first pair that popped into my head when I read this question.

Yuri and Victor from Yuri on Ice. I know, who is surprised that these two are the first that come to mind when I think about a couple I absolutely want to be together and get a happily ever after. Seriously, these two are perfect and seeing them together is sheer beauty in and of itself. If anyone even suggested someone else for either character I just don’t think I could take that seriously as they so obviously belong together.

Yuri on Ice Episode 6 Victor and Yuri

Fortunately, though the anime aired in 2016, the past two years have been full of beautiful fan art and absolutely gorgeous imaginings in fan fiction and the like of what life for Yuri and Victor was like after the final episode. And while none of these events may even be canon, they’ve certainly been enjoyable. Besides, until there’s an actual follow up people can fill the gap with whatever they can dream. And Victor and Yuri make people dream big.

Yuri on Ice Episode 8 Yuri and Victor

So yeah, I’d have to say these two are the OTP that first come to mind when I start thinking about it. Zen and Shirayuki are certainly high up there as are Maka and Soul, though Maka and Death the Kid could be something (wow, that opens up a whole other can of worms). But really, anime has given us so many fantastic characters and relationships that narrowing it down to just one is nearly impossible.

snow white with the red hair episode 10

Still, I’ll turn it over to the readers and ask, who is your biggest OTP in anime? Keep it civil and have fun in the comments.

By the way, this was the last of the backlog of questions, so if you have anything you’d like to see me answer, leave me a question using the survey below.

11 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want To Know 2019 #8

  1. That’s kind of a painful question for me. My standard for OTPs is how heavily I shipped Harry and Ginny (from Harry Potter) back in the early aughts, and the closest I’ve ever come to matching that fervor with any anime couple was Naruto and Sakura. But given how badly sour that went (between the constant brutal ship wars on every forum and my eventual disillusionment with the entire series, long before its ending), I don’t even want to think about that anymore. They’re more like my ex-OTP that ended with a bad breakup.

    Out of the rest, I’d say the closest I’ve gotten to OTP-level shipping with anybody is Kyon and Haruhi from Haruhi Suzumiya. I love the chemistry that they have, and how they both rub off on each other in positive ways (with her boldness and iniative inspiring him to become more engaged with the world and his pragmatism moderating some of her worst impulses), but it’s also just fun to watch them bouncing off each other and enjoying each other’s company. There’s a chapter in one of the later books where the brigade is out for the day on a treasure hunt, and Kyon mentions in passing how, “After lunch, Haruhi and I bickered for a while, just to settle our stomachs,” like that’s a perfectly natural thing to do. I remember thinking when I first read that about how tight their relationship had gotten, that having a petty squabble not only wasn’t a big deal, it was actually a form of relaxation for them. Fortunately there are some really good fanfics out there to keep me going with the books seemingly in limbo.

    1. Honestly, I’m not even sure if these would end up the top given they are just the ones that sprung to mind immediately. It would be such a long ‘short list’ if I started trying to actually draft a top 5 list from all time. Still, hopefully I’ll get to it at some point.

  2. My OTP?

    Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka from Unlimited Blade Works.

    Their relationship always seemed solid to me and builds off each other. Rin brings Shirou back down to earth and reminds him of the realities of life, while Shirou’s idealism and determination give Rin something to admire and respect. Furthermore, Shirou gives Rin a chance to nurture and protect someone for the first time in her life (she wasn’t able to save Sakura, but she can save him), while Rin’s no-nonsense attitude and iron will help Shirou man up and mature as a person.

    After the sheer amount of Fate media I’ve indulged in, this remains the strongest anime couple I’ve seen in the entire franchise, and frankly one of the most balanced pairings in anime period.

      1. Indeed, better yet when it’s with minimal “drama” and “will they, won’t they crap”

        That in my mind can only go for so long before it gets extremely dull and boring. Hell one of the thing I enjoyed about SAO (the brief amount I watched) was that the two leads get together real early, and why I wanted to strangle Inuyasha and Kagome with my bare fucking hands.

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