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Back again with another tricky question that took a bit of self-reflection. As always, if you have a question you’d like me to answer just complete the inquiring minds want to know survey either by using the link or at the end of this post. I’d love to know what’s on your mind and have a go at answering your question.

What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in your career?


I don’t tend to talk about my day job on my blog other than I have a career and it takes a large chunk of my time. And honestly, while I have plenty of small victories there I’d say my biggest accomplishment is actually just still being in that career and building up a reasonable amount of respect for the job I do. It isn’t much but we can’t all save the world.

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And yes, there are plenty of really great moments in my career I’d like to highlight (I’ve been doing it for thirteen years) but its just not something I put on my blog so I’ll leave that there.

However, if I look at my blogging career and its wondrous span of almost three years, I’d say building what I have right now is the biggest accomplishment. With the readers that I have and the progress I’m making each day is the best day and I am just going to keep working on making this something I might be able to do full time one day (though that means making the blog actually profitable).

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Still, I never would have even dreamed of getting the kind of views I get when I started. I genuinely believed I’d write a few posts and maybe ten people would follow my blog and maybe I’d make a friend to discuss anime with. So realistically, my blog as it is right now is my biggest accomplishment and I’m going to keep working to make it bigger and better.


That was a pretty short one but I’ll turn it over to the readers: what would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in your career?

Also, be sure to leave me a question below if there’s anything you’d like answered in this series of posts.

2 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want to Know 2019 #7

  1. My biggest accomplish blogging wise is a director by the name of Blake Freeman going out of his way to tell me he didn’t like my review of his movie called Noobz. Guy thought I was working for GameInformer which I found hilarious. Guy couldn’t accept my negative review for some reason. All I said was he went to the restroom, did his business, and boom there’s his movie hahaha. Still, he made a movie, and he’s complain about some rando not liking it. Sadly, he since deleted his comment, but I, and the few people I shared it with shall never forget that petty man.

    I guess another highlight is working with, and eventually befriending James Carey who wrote for a website called Cinapse. I can’t remember what I posted that made him contact me, but he like what I posted, and decided to do a collab with me on a piece about film criticism. I expanded my piece on it to encompasses it all, and for a long time it was the only time I collab with anyone went smoothly for me. Still couldn’t believe a professional wanted to do work with me, but the world is crazy like that.

    On the anime side it’s mostly the fact I’ve met a lot of content creator that I never expected to happen. Talked to a few of them like Cyanide Blizard when he use to have a Discord, RogerSmith2004, and a few other smaller ones. The anime community is way easier to get interaction compare to the film community in my experience. I also had multiple appearances on my pal Miasma podcast called The Sugoi Boyz. I appeared more than I expected too, but I guess they ain’t much of a pool to get guess from. There was also the Spootober collabaration I took part in with Lumi which I am happy was also a successful collab. Was wondering for a while when that would lol.

    The biggest highlight is always coming across passionate individuals who love their hobbies, and share it with other. That always sticks with me, even when I’m periodically not active online with anything. Never considered blogging a career personally, but the experience is surprising, and that’s worth going coming back for. As for my real job(s), oh boy, I should write a novel of my crummy experiences in Food Processing XD

    1. Those are some nice blogging highlights. Though really weird that a director would bother to comment on a negative review on a blog but at least he found the review and read it. That’s incredible.

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