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Well, today we have a question that I’ve certainly been asked more than once by people in real life. As always if you have something to ask you can send the question my way by filling in the simple survey at the end of the post or you can use this link to the inquiring minds survey.

How much time do you dedicate to your blog on a daily basis?


The facetious answer to this one would be ‘too much’. Certainly quite a few people would agree with that answer. The less dismissive answer but still non-specific one would be, ‘as much as I can’. I love my blog. I love talking with people online about anime. I would absolutely love to have this be my full time gig and I certainly am working toward that goal (though it is a long way off).

However, let’s give this on a serious answer.

Working on an average week day when I’m at work, I would say about three hours specifically on my blog. There might be additional time spent watching anime or just stuffing around on twitter, but actual time spent watching a specific part of an anime again, checking screen caps, drafting or editing posts, reading other blogs, checking the scheduled posts, etc… about three hours. Some days more some less.


Breaking that down I usually spend between 4:30am and 6:30am online and entirely focused on reading other blogs and commenting, drafting stuff, replying to comments, catching up on Twitter, and if I finish all that, maybe watching an episode of anime if there is time. Sometimes I wake up earlier, sometimes I get a little more sleep (though that is a rare event). My alarm goes off at 6:30 because that’s when I need to actually get ready for work. If I get ready quickly I sometimes get another fifteen to twenty minutes to do one final read of posts that come out (and a whole bunch usually come out at 7am so I try and do a quick read before I head out).

Work for me is very much a varying thing with very few days actually just being an eight hour day, ten hours is my average, and eleven and twelve hour days happening more often than I’d like (no one functions well after twelve hours of work so keeping us there does not lead to productive outcomes). I also do not connect to any of my accounts at all while I am at work. So however long I am at work Karandi is off-line – though through the miracle of scheduling that isn’t the biggest issue.


Whenever I finally get home I usually spend some time watching and drafting posts before dealing with dinner (unless I got home super late in which case I eat first). And sometime after dinner I’ll usually spend another block of time finishing up any watching, drafting, editing – maybe reading of other blogs and commenting. Some days I get more than three hours total, other days I am too tired to even consider writing something in the evening and end up just watching anime on the couch, or I have to go out because of some sort of social activity in town and don’t have time.

Weekends I try to do a lot of drafting of posts for later in the week so I have a bit of a buffer if things get super busy, but I also work over a lot of weekends. I do have a number of breaks where I’m off work and I tend to do a lot more hours online at that time.

However, no matter how much time I have for anime and blogging, I want more. I love it. Every minute of it (even when fighting with the editor over post layout). So I don’t feel like I’ve wasted even a second that I’ve spent working on my blog.


So now I’m curious. How long do my readers spend on their blogs on a daily basis?

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17 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want To Know 2019 #3

  1. I try to invest time daily into the blog but I’m not always so success but whether I put alot of or no time at all. it always feels like I’m never doing enough. In the back of my mind I know that’s not true because I can see the fruits of my labor. I think we all feel like that some point.

    Thanks for letting us catch a glimpse into the world of karandi.

    1. I agree that blogging has this way of making you feel like you need to do more. And it is really great seeing the blog grow and being involved with the community is such a great feeling. But most of us have plenty of other things going on in our lives so the blog just can’t get as much time as we’d like to give it sometimes.

        1. It is definitely a bit of a challenge for some of us to put ourselves out there. I remember when I started how scared I was to comment on someone else’s post. Now it is part of what I love the most about my blog is the interaction with other anime fans.

  2. Depending on how far ahead I’ve scheduled, it varies a lot, but there’s definitely at least a few hours per week (on a normal week) for reading/posting/commenting, and then some more for consuming anime/manga.

  3. Personally, around and hour or two depending on how work went that day. ^^; It depends on if I’m doing major writing for my own blog, actually reading people’s blogs/commenting on them, or focusing on just doing a mix of both. If I’m focusing on writing easily 2-3 hours depending on what kinda of piece I’m writing. If it’s more a reading, or seeking out new content, it might only be an hour and a half. There’s also cooking/maintaining my house and myself outside of blogging.

    It’s very interesting to see how much time you put in each day since you put out such a high volume of really well done pieces!

    1. Weekends are definitely needed to prep most of the week. Other than episode reviews the rest of my posts are pretty much finished for the following week unless something gets in the way and I’ve usually got drafts of future posts waiting to be worked on.

  4. I deliberately chose to post on a weekly basis because of my work obligations (2 jobs), but I’ve recently begun trying to post more often. We’ll see how it goes. Much respect, Karandi, for the effort you put in!

    1. I didn’t originally intend to post as much as I do. I was just going to write when I watched something I wanted to write about. Then I realised there was lots I wanted to write about. For me I just need to keep a careful schedule each season and have a plan and usually things work out.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I certainly didn’t mean it in a how much time do you waste on it. My goal was to see if I’m spending too little time on mine, not that I have that much more time to find.

    At present I’m a stay at home dad with a ten month old. I work when he naps which isn’t long. Maybe an hour if I’m lucky. Then I continue in the evening once everyone has gone to bed, maybe two hours.

    It does mean I am able to read and comment on stuff in short burst throughout the day. I always have my phone with me so that helps…

    1. One of the friends I stay with quite regularly when I’m travelling has two young kids. And yeah, they are very time consuming and demand a lot of attention. I’m impressed you manage as much time as you do on your blog.

  6. Hmm…i’m working on it every day, but the time varies. If I’m not also working on a book at the time, then it’ll be about six to eight hours a day. If I’m working on a book too, then it’s more like one to three hours a day. Working on a cosplay has a similar effect in terms of reducing the time I spend on it. What I’m actually doing during the time does vary too though. Drafting, making notes, editing, scheduling, researching for/working on interview questions…so many different jobs 🙂

    1. I know there’s so much to do with a blog and there’s so much I’d like to do that I just don’t have time for. Though my new year’s resolution not to work so many hours at my real job might help a bit (and my health, and stress levels). I’ve decided that unless its an emergency I’m capping my work day at ten hours.

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