Inquiring Minds Want to Know #20

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Someone is wanting to put me on the spot and jump the gun (and throw in at least one more cliche here). This week they are asking me to make a decision I was putting off for at least another week, but I’ll give it a go. Remember, I’d love to answer a question from you so fill in the survey below or DM on twitter.

What was your favourite anime this Spring?

Sorry Kyo.

At the start of the season I would have said Fruits Basket without hesitation. So much nostalgia there for an anime that had come back in such a beautiful form and one that seems to be incredibly consistent in its tone and quality. I have almost no complaints about this rebooted series as it is everything I would have asked for in a reboot and I eagerly await more of it.


But… it didn’t end up my favourite of the season.

I would still strongly recommend watching it to anyone who asked even though we’ve still got a ways to go with it, but while I love the low key emotional viewing experience each week, Fruits Basket has ever been one of those anime that I love in the moment but don’t really remember a lot about after. I remember how it felt and I remember I enjoyed it, and if this new series is anything like the original, I’ll happily go and binge watch it on a rainy weekend, but it doesn’t have quite the impact of some of the other anime this season.

Black Haru - Fruits Basket Episode 9

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Which brings me to the question of what ended up being my favourite anime? I really enjoyed Midnight Occult Civil Servants and Kenja no Mago but neither is actually all that good. They both just hit the tone and niche that I really enjoy and they were like comfort food this season. No matter how busy I got I loved coming back to these two as they demanded little from me but were always enjoyable (assuming you like that kind of thing).


However, low key entertainment and comfort food aside, there is one anime that consistently bowled me over emotionally, had fairly solid visuals, and basically just managed to be the stand out of the season. And no, it isn’t Demon Slayer, though until the introduction of Zenitsu, Demon Slayer was running a close second on anime I was really enjoying this season.

I don’t think I’m ever going to not enjoy this screen-cap.

No, it was surprisingly Attack on Titan Season Three Part Two. Where Part One managed to get me to reinvest my interest in the plot, part two has delivered superbly with character moments, clashes and conflicts that have been a long time coming, and an endless, mind-blowing amount of exposition and back story that has made me want to go back to the very beginning and watch again because it feels like everything I thought I knew about the story just got turned on its head in the very best way possible.


Admittedly, Attack on Titan has had a lot more episodes to build up to this kind of moment and there’s certainly been some down time in the series, however, that doesn’t take away from how good watching this season has been and it has certainly been the one anime I would not miss no matter how busy I was over the last few weeks.

Yep, mind blown.

While the reader poll for best of the season is closing very, very soon, the winner will be announced in a week, so in the meantime how about you let me know what your favourite anime this season was in the comments below?

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14 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want to Know #20

  1. This Spring season really didn’t impress me all that much as it stretched out. I greatly enjoyed The Helpful Fox Senko-san and Isekai Quartet, though, and offer them as my two favorites.

    1. I’ve actually enjoyed this season. Some of the shows I’ve enjoyed haven’t been great quality in terms of anime in general, but they’ve been fun. Glad you found a couple of titles to enjoy.

  2. Rare opinion (?): Bungou Stray Dogs was the best.

    The competition was fairly tight this season because all the anime I followed week-by-week had some incredibly good points, even if Shield Hero tested my patience a few times and One Punch Man’s s1 was animated a lot less than its s1. I guess it helped that I was familiar with 4 of 6 of my anime through their manga, 3 of which I was not only familiar with before their anime airing, but they also covered chapters that were adapted this season.

    1. I agree that lots of the anime I watched this season had their good points even if they also had a few problems.
      On that note, I need to finish Bungo Stray Dogs. I’ve fallen a little behind.

    1. It has definitely been noteworthy and those who have stuck around through three seasons will definitely be feeling like this season has done a lot to move the story forward.

      1. For sure, as they finally brought alot into the light to then throw you back in the dark. As this story is just beautifully piecing together. Along with the masterful job of Wit Studio. In hopefully not their final season with the anime.

  3. Attack on Titan definitely gets best in season from me on every level, though what’s surprised me is that my second favourite is actually Hitoribocchi, even though my brain can point out all the technical problems the show has I’ve come away from each episode with a warm glow that Demon Slayer and even Fruits Basket haven’t been able to beat yet.

    1. I kind of got that warm glow feeling from Senryuu Shoujo this season. It was just sweet and fun and I loved watching it each week.

  4. I’ve been holding off on Season 3 ever since I heard they were splitting the season. I’ve read all the manga so wasn’t worried about spoilers, but I’m glad to here that so many people are enjoying it. Looks like it’s going to be a good binge.

    1. I don’t know that I could emotionally handle binging this last season. Even week to week it has sent my emotions reeling.

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