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Inquiring Minds Want to Know - Ichigo

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Question: Why did you decide to start blogging?  From This Title is (Not) Acceptable


I’m fairly certain that at some point I’ve answered this question (maybe on an award response or something) but I can’t remember and I’m probably not going to find the response by going through all my posts at this point so I may as well just answer again given I do have new followers who probably haven’t read it before.

Basically, I used to write as a hobby. After I finished work for the day I’d continue on creating worlds and characters and it was all good fun. However as work got more intense and I was more and more mentally exhausted I would spend less time writing and more just kind of passively viewing shows and it got to the point where even when I wanted to write I wasn’t really in the head space to do it. Anyway, it got worse and I just kind of stopped writing.

The other issue was, I was watching a lot of anime but didn’t really have anyone to talk to about it. I tried to make some connections through the Crunchyroll forums and a few other message boards and the like but really didn’t get very far or get a lot out of that.

At that point a friend of mine suggested I start a blog to write about anime. I’m at least 60% sure they were joking, but I thought it over and decided to give it a go.

It seemed like a reasonable solution and so I set myself a very small goal. Write 100 words about the episode you just watched (hence the title of the blog 100 Word Anime). I figured no matter how tired I was I could motivate myself to write 100 words on something I just saw and something I enjoyed.

Well, the rest is history. I loved it. I loved writing about the anime I was watching. I loved writing about whole series that I’d seen. I introduced Friday’s Features so I could write about other anime related stuff that wasn’t necessarily a review and later I introduced the Top 5 so I could write lists. However, rather than just enjoying writing I really enjoyed the community. Finding other bloggers and discussing the currently airing shows, older classics, the industry, it has all been a blast. I don’t get home from work and feel too tired to do something. I get home and immediately want to either catch the most recent episode of something or find out if someone has posted their thoughts on an episode I’d watched that morning or even just to type up my thoughts on an idea that hit me while I was supposed to be focused on work. Even when I am exhausted, I still want to check out what other people have been writing about even if I’m not up for writing a post.

And that’s pretty much why this blog exists.


Another great question and once again, I’d love to know what my reader’s think. So why did you guys start blogging?

Thanks for reading.

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22 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want To Know #2

    1. i’m glad you enjoyed it.
      I’m sure in a previous post I have answered this question but since drafting this I’ve gone back through so many posts and I can’t find it so I guess it is good that I revisited it. Besides, I do have a lot of new followers who probably didn’t get to read it the first time.

      1. It doesn’t hurt to repeat some things a few times. I forgot if I read that origin story or not since discovering your blog sometime last year, but a little reminder never hurts anyone.

  1. I ofcourse already knew the backstory, but I still enjoyed reading it again. For me it was simply the case that I got fed up with writing small reviews one Facebook, and wanted to write more. Never in my wildest dreams that I think it would turn into something that has become such a big part of my life though 😊😊

    1. I’m with you. I never realised when I wrote that first post that one post would lead to another and that I would just want to write and be online either writing my blog or reading other people’s blogs. It just kind of grabbed me and now I can’t imagine not writing a blog.

  2. “This is perhaps the best origin story I’ve seen. Interesting, well-written, and only took one episode instead of five. I give it five stars”.

    – Me

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