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Question: How would you define Moe? From Leap250


I am certain there are as many definitions of the word ‘moe’ as there are anime fans and one thing I am certain of is that it is a term that is better felt by an individual than it is defined by mere words. For as much as I can look up a definition and find out that originally it just meant to something to be attracted to or whatever, that isn’t how the word gets used or is understood as a general rule.

For me ‘moe’ works for things that are cute simply for the sake of being cute, or cute as their major defining characteristic. Characters that make me want to give them a hug or cry when they get hurt and are just completely adorable in one way or another.

That said, there aren’t many ‘moe’ characters out there (as described by other fans) who really appeal to me. I’m not really into cute girl anime, or the various female characters who have been given the label over the years. Sunday Without God is a good example with the main character Ai really being an over-the-top ‘moe’ character as her defining trait and yet mostly it just came off as a little silly. Meanwhile, Girls’ Last Tour really struck a chord with the super adorable characters in such a hostile situation and just getting on with their daily lives.

Still, Haruhi Suzumiya was probably the one who introduced me to the term and her sense of logic was a little off at times so I’ll concede my definition is probably a little rocky.

From Otaku in Review.

But, here’s a wikipedia definition just because…


Don’t you just love their image choice with that definition?


What would your definition of Moe be?

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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6 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want To Know #19

  1. Thanks for entertaining my query xD

    I posed the question at the time as I was coming off of having read “The Moe Manifesto”;a compilation of interviews with different figures involved in anime culture that basically had them answering the same thing here — ‘what is moe?’, and I figured, given the opportunity I’d like to know how anibloggers would define it as well.

    1. That would be interesting to hear and thanks for the question. I kind of had to think about this one because I realised for the first time I’d never actually attempted to define it and yet I do use the term (as do most ani-bloggers). While we’re at it we could try defining or explaining what we mean when we describe a series as dark, a protagonist as overpowered, or declare that something is too generic.

    1. I know. It’s just kind of something that is and as an anime fan you come across it. Actually thinking about what it meant specifically was a bit odd.

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