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Just a heads up that I’m running low on questions again so if there’s something you’ve been wanting to ask, take a minute to fill in the survey and I’ll happily take on your question. So far there have been only two questions I haven’t answered. The first was just someone being a troll for the sake of it so I just ignored the question. The second one asked me about my work in the real world and that’s one question I’m going to continue to avoid answering on my blog. Sorry, but I’ve just drawn a line on that one.

However, today’s question is kind of fun and I’m looking into getting into it.

What games have you been playing recently?


It’s actually been a fair while since I’ve discussed games on the blog at all. Part of that is because I haven’t really played anything new and part of that is because I have so much anime content there really just doesn’t seem to be a lot of time or room to write about gaming as well. Still, it isn’t as though I haven’t given some time to games recently.

Over the last couple of months I really got into Darkest Dungeon. I read a review of it on someone’s blog (and I cannot remember who it was) and it looked interesting so I marked it on steam for when it had a price drop. Naturally it soon did and I picked it up and decided to give it a go.


For a really simply concept it actually ended up being a lot of fun and I worked my way through to the end of the game on the easier setting. The last dungeon actually ended up being a bit of a disappointment given the second last dungeon took me ages to beat, but otherwise I had a great time with it. The music gets a little repetitive and the dialogue, which is pretty fun and quippy in a morbid kind of way in the beginning, also gets kind of samey by the end, but for the price it was an interesting game.

I remember how crushed I was when my first adventurer died. And then I had a whole party wipe-out. But I also remember how excited I felt the first time I actually took out the Shrieker before it flew away.

From full health and happy adventurers to terrorised, broken, and dead in the space of a few moments.

Anyway, I am going to try to beat the dungeon on a harder setting but not right now.

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I’ve also recently had a bit of a look back at Fallout Shelter. Now, I hit the maximum number of dwellers in my vault ages ago and just kind of stopped playing, but now I’ve decided I want to max out my dweller’s stats so I’m checking in on it periodically just to keep things rolling along and while my dwellers were a little unhappy about some of my renovations to their vault a few key evictions and then some pairing up of key dwellers later and I have a largely happy and functional vault.

I also want to unlock all the weapon recipes so we’ll see how that goes.


But that’s really it for me and gaming. I haven’t gotten into anything overly expansive or time heavy at the moment because I just don’t have time. Still, I think later this I’ll probably start looking for a serious RPG to get into because it has been awhile since I’ve really gotten sucked into a new world and I’m keen to get going again.

However, I’ll throw this over to the readers and ask you what games you’ve gotten into recently?

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17 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want to Know #17

  1. Currently, I’m mostly bopping back and forth between Idol Manager (in early acess) and Train Fever. Master of Orion is my go-to when I was just want “comfort gaming”.

  2. I finally finished my Star Wars marathon (played through all the titles I owned) so now I’m finally getting ready to start Yooka Laylee as well as Bendy and the Ink Machine. I really don’t know much about either game so I’m looking forward to seeing what they’re like

  3. I actually havent played a single game in 2019. I even deinstalled steam recently. I don’t really feel like I’m missing too much since in the last few years I wasn’t such a hardcore gamer anyway. And besides, I don’t really have time for it these days anyway.

  4. i’ve been playing L4D recently xD an old game but it doesn’t get old, especially when it’s multiplayer with the fam. outside of that i don’t play a lot since i’m not very good O(-( or have time to play

    1. Time is a definite factor. I only have so much non-work time and anime and the blog take up a large chunk of that already. Gaming fits in where it can but I don’t get to play as much as I’d like these days.

    2. I loved left 4 dead 2 because of all the things you could do with mods. I had the re:zero witch sounds every time I was dying for example, and ofcourse, I changed all of the characters to anime ones. I even changed the images on objects to toradora and had a haruhi suzumiya door xD

  5. What a coincidence…because I was running low on posts, I decided to borrow and expand on the “what I watch vs what I read” from Alex Prange with “what I play”. If I don’t suddenly schedule any posts before it, it should come out this week.

    As for RPG recs, TERA is fun…but only if you have friends that will meet up with you in-game. Otherwise, it gets kind of tricky to play after a certain point because you need a guild to progress (assuming the quest storyline hasn’t changed from when I was playing it).

  6. Darkest Dungeon was a lot fun for me. The micromanagement after quest was something of a pain, but always loved how tense some the battles could be. Narrator is also very good and enjoyable to hear from.

    If your looking for another RPG, Pillars of Eternity is a very finely crafted one. Might like even more if your fan of the Baldur’s Gate games. Does have some unforgiving difficulty attached to at various parts, but apart of the appeal.

    I would also suggest the The Legend of Heroes games, especially with Cold Steel 3 coming this September. Then again, that might be a rabbit hole you don’t want at the moment since you have 3 games before it to play. Worldbuilding and characters are worth it, though.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. And unforgiving difficulty can be fun, though I’m still trying to complete the first of the Dark Souls games.

      1. No problem. Heard most of FromSoftware titles are challenging, but might give Dark Souls a try myself. After completing Varnir, my own playlist is pretty vacant aside from two VN’s.

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