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Question: What was the Anime that was a feeling roller-coaster to you? From Arthifis.


The obvious answer to this one is Angel Beats. This is an anime that had me confused and then laughing myself silly before tearing my heart out repeatedly, before we went back to amusing action, some adorably sweet moments, eye-rolling acts of idiocy, and then tearing my heart out again before stomping on it, only just saving me from falling into the total depths of despair by the post credits scene of the last episode. And there wasn’t too much exaggeration in that description. Angel Beats just hits my buttons and takes me for a ride every single time I watch it.

However, it probably isn’t the only anime that has left a mark. Assassination Classroom was pretty good at going from feel good, to serious or sweet, a little bit dramatic, hilarious, and finally going for a heart-breaking farewell. Baccano as well kept shifting between being super serious and dramatic and the lighter and funnier moments.

I would have to say D Gray Man is probably the other series I love for its ability to get me emotionally caught up in the story. Essentially my emotions are entirely attached to Allen so when things are going well for him and he’s eating an enormous meal or hanging out, everything is fine. But then things get dark and dangerous and some really terrible things happen to Allen over the course of that series and every single time it hurts to watch and yet I just can’t stop watching.

I love shows that do this to me though because it means I’m really caught up in the characters and the events and they are having an impact. They are certainly the shows I remember long after they finish and they are definitely the shows I go to rewatch over and over again.


Thanks Arthifis for the question. Over to the readers: Which anime is your feeling roller coaster?

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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8 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want To Know #15

    1. Thanks. Hopefully they’ll continue. I’ve got a few questions in backlog to catch up with so they’ll be around for a bit and I’ll keep the segment going as long as there are questions to respond to.

  1. Angel Beats is a good choice… But so is Magical Girl Raising Project, which kept lifting you so high – only to dash your feels on the rocks a hundred feet below.

    1. Nana is another anime on my forever growing to be watched list. I have heard great things about it though. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The two series that come to my mind are Now and Then, Here and There and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. The tears just kept on coming. These anime literally crushed my heart with a sledgehammer after ripping it out of my chest with a drill. I was so invested with the characters that it hurt to see them suffer through their horrible circumstances. #WhenYou JustWantEveryoneToHaveAHappyEnding

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