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Alright, Irina sent me this question a fair while ago and while I had drafted a response to it and I didn’t publish it. Mostly because my answer seemed really silly. Then again, that’s probably the point of the question. However, in true Irina fashion, this is one question that probably needs to opened to the community so I’d love to know your answer to the question as well.

Is there are small, silly blog goal you want to accomplish this year?


It probably seems super silly but I’ve actually been wanting to try it for awhile. What I’d really love to do this year is have one day where I post 24 posts in 24 hours. I have no idea why I want to do this or what it would accomplish, but I’ve just really wanted to try it.

So that I started wondering about the what and the why and honestly I think if I was going to do this it would probably need to be themed so something like 24 hours of Evangelion or something where each post looked at a different aspect of the show.


But every time I start thinking about it common sense kicks in. To start with, nobody is going to read 24 posts in one day. The time it would take to set it up and schedule would be massive and I’m honestly struggling with my existing schedule and work at the moment so this one seems like it would just be asking to stress me out. More importantly, would the posts be worth reading or would they just exist for the sake of existing?


Then I think about how great it would feel to complete it as a challenge, even if I wrote the posts over a few weeks or even a couple of months and I’ve also really wanted to write about Evangelion and keep putting it off so choosing that as a theme would be kind of awesome. I don’t know if I’m going to try to do this or not but in terms of silly blogging goals it is probably my big one at the moment.


Over to you; do you have a silly blog goal you want to accomplish? Also, would you actually want 24 posts on Neon Genesis Evangelion?

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21 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want to Know #15

  1. “Also, would you actually want 24 posts on Neon Genesis Evangelion?”

    Going to take a contrary (and honest) tack here… No.

    I can’t think of anything I’d want to see such a flood of posts on. (Unless it’s maybe adapting a 30-day challenge into a 24 hour challenge, but even then it’s probably too much.)

  2. I don’t think it’s silly at all. Crazy ambitious but not silly. I’d be interested to see your thoughts on Eva. It’s one of my favorites. To answer your question: my silly goal would be to actually work on an artist spotlight ranging from 5 to 7 posts

    1. Apparently we’re going to try doing something silly. Now I just need to figure out when and how to put it all together.

  3. I watched Eva via some library discs and I keep seeing them on the shelf when I pass by (and then I remember I didn’t watch the Director’s Cut versions of episodes, even though that set gives me the means to do so), so I wouldn’t mind the 24 posts. If I were to participate though, I have no idea what I would write…

  4. Well I’m waiting for Evangelion to drop on Netflix in June; I certainly wouldn’t complain if I had some accompanying reading material. I mean you could also spend 8 days reviewing each episode of Haruhi Suzumiya’s Endless Eight, now that’s something I don’t know if I’d be worth it but I’d respect anyone who’d commit to the bit.

    1. You know, I might take you up on the reviewing each of the endless eight episodes over eight days at some point in the future. Not going to jump into that but it isn’t the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

    1. Excellent. So then it is just details that will need to be sorted at some future point to turn this silly idea into some kind of reality.

  5. Haha! That sounds awesome. We should get everyone on board. I’d do it! But then I do love a challenge. I think it would work really well as a piece of fiction. Yeah, I’m so doing this. Great idea.

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