Inquiring Minds Want To Know #11

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Question: If you were to go on an adventure which involves fighting monsters in order to save someone important to you or to seek some great treasures, who are the anime characters who you’d love to accompany you and why? Also, what kind of ability do you want to have to defeat monsters?From Mei.


If there was no limit on characters I think I would just start to list off every character who ever ended up overpowered in an anime (plus a few healers) and go with that as an answer. However, I’m going to set myself some limitations on this one just to keep it interesting.  So my party can have 5 people in it and I’m one of them (I just realised I’m going to be the dead-weight member in the party that everyone hates).

First, Kirito. No doubt. If I’m fighting monsters I want Kirito post Aincrad arc when he can dual wield and has masses of healthy and I’m just going to let him have at most the monsters. However, he’s going to need a magic user backing him up and I’m going to nominate Gray from Fairy Tail because Ice Magic equals awesome and Gray is just cool.

Now because both of these guys are going to get themselves into trouble at some point, I’m also going to grab Orihime, from Bleach, given she can essentially reject any harm that might befall them and repair them back to as good as new.

Now for some long range fire power I’m calling on Tigre from Lord Marksman and Vanadis and that essentially rounds out the party leaving just me feeling mostly useless until I bring in my ability.

If I was going to really break this adventure I’d just ask to be able to stop time for everyone except the party and basically just cut all the enemies down but if this were a game that wouldn’t be much fun. So instead I’m going with limited predictive abilities so that I know when a monster is coming and what we’ll be up against so that we at least go into battle prepared.

To be honest though, anyone stuck with real me in their party would be kind of out of luck. Unless I can put the monsters to sleep by reading to them I’m pretty sure they are going to kill me.


Okay, so who is in your party and what ability to you want on your adventure?

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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  1. I have two other posts I should be working on, but haven’t been able to… and now I’m seriously thinking about this. Three character easily come to mind but I need a fourth and a power for myself…

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