Inquiring Minds Want To Know #10

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Question: What’s your favourite food? From Anon.

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Finally, a nice easy question that didn’t even require a moment to think.

I am seriously into chocolate.

By that I don’t mean I just eat a lot of chocolate (although that is probably true as well) but I mean that I actively seek out and try different types and kinds of chocolate. White, milk or dark doesn’t matter but I love going to shops that have a wide range of brands of chocolate from different factories and let you try the different consistencies and flavours as well as fillings before you make a purchase.

That said, I’m not one of those chocolate snobs that won’t just go to the shop and by a bar or block of chocolate. Trust me, if it is chocolate, even if it isn’t good chocolate, I’m probably going to enjoy eating it. The exception to that rule is chocolate that has chunks of nuts in it. While I don’t mind things that have nuts crushed very finely, I don’t like biting into pieces of nut.

The other thing I love is making use of chocolate in normal cooking. Nutella in chicken is actually pretty amazing (don’t knock it until you try it) and using chocolate in gravy or similar can really add something to a meal. That’s why I was over the moon in the curry cooking episode of Black Butler when Sebastian used chocolate in the curry (and the curry cooking episodes was perhaps my least favourite in season 1, but the use of chocolate was appreciated).

So yes, seriously into chocolate. If chocolate wasn’t an option I would then have to go with cheese. I really like cheese.

Food Wars10

Alright, let’s make everyone hungry and share our favourite foods in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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14 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want To Know #10

  1. Barbeque… And very specifically Lexington Style barbecue. The big problem is that it’s hyper-local and the real deal can only be found in a three county area of North Carolina. Which I can very rarely afford to visit.

    I like other kinds too, but while I’m not a snob I am picky and have gotten used to just living without because it’s so hard to find any barbeque that is decent. I won’t say above average, because barbeque has become so commodified the average is distressingly low. Not in the least because the word is so often misused as a synonym for grilling or for something grilled with nasty overly sweet barbeque sauce slopped on it.

  2. There’s lots of food anime for a reason, but I guess you can’t go wrong with instant noodles. (Specifically, my favourite is instant mie goreng by a certain company, preferably without chilli sauce.)

    If we’re talking about anime to go with it, Gugure! Kokkuri-san and its instant-noodle-loving main character always gets me in a mood to get some myself.

  3. Chocolates! I’m biased with all things chocolate and like you I wouldn’t even notice if it’s good chocolate or bad. I have to try that Nutella in chicken.. I didn’t think you could be cooler in my eyes Karandi. <3

    1. Only thing with Nutella in chicken is tell the person you are serving that it is in there so they don’t put lemon juice on their chicken. That ends badly for everyone.

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