Inquiring Minds Want To Know #1

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Question: What is your dream?  From Tanteikid94


Way to hit with the hard questions right away.

If I am brutally honest, I don’t have any big aspiration or goal. I’ve never really wanted to do something amazing or huge with my life. My goals are always very concrete and simple. Things I can work towards with a fair degree of confidence that I can achieve them. Dreams tempered by reality so to speak.

Still, I have many goals. My main one is to live life on my terms and the way I choose. Whether that was being a gamer girl back in the 90’s or now being in my 30’s and a huge anime fan, I don’t ever want to feel I’ve made my choices because I took the expected path (though my choice might end up being the expected path, as long as it is my choice). So whether it is work or my hobbies, I’ve made my choices regardless of what others have thought (and sometimes others have been quite supportive, sometimes not) and really my dream would be to continue living my life that way. The only issue with that is when you make your own choices the consequences are yours as well and no one else’s.

If I were to allow myself a dream (as in something I’m not certain I can achieve even if I work hard), I would love to be able to do this for a living. I’ve really fallen in love with blogging and it is amazing how I can feel so much better after just spending an hour reading and responding to comments, visiting other blogs, writing new content, watching shows so I have something to write about. I absolutely love doing it and honestly I’d love to make it my main focus in life.

Though, that’s probably true of most people. They’d love to make a living doing what they love.


Thanks for the question and I hope my response was okay. Still, I’ll turn this over to the readers and ask you to share your dreams in the comments below. And remember the link to the survey is above if you would like to ask me a question for a future post.

Thanks for reading.

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15 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want To Know #1

  1. You said about trying to make a living from this, it’s kind of a shame that blogging doesn’t really have a great audience to market too. Have you considered things like Amazon affiliates links? I’ve seen some people use them but I don’t know how much money they’ll make.

    Also I should have expected it from your profile picture but I’m for some reason surprised by your gender! That’s been happening a lot to me lately,

    1. Sorry something happened where this comment was posted before it was finished.

      I don’t mean I’ve been doing this with your gender a lot, many people who I’ve been talking too have told me and it’s just surprising too me. It’s not like I think in the past where theirs not many females online, I just don’t tend to think about it really.

      1. A lot of people take me as male online for some reason (if you could tell me why, I’d love to know – not that I mind, I’m just curious).
        Yeah, I think if I’m serious I will eventually have to transition into video content (as they seem to do better on patreon, though time wise I’m not really in a place to do that at the moment) or look at affiliations (which I’ve kind of thought about but to be honest I don’t really like the advertising that already exists on my blog -necessary evil for small income that it is – and the idea of promoting products I may or may not have used just doesn’t quite sit right with me somehow).

        I know, if I actually want to do this for a living I’m going to have to get over it and just look at ways I can generate money through the blog or find a way to appeal to more patrons. Realistically, if even half my followers pledged $1 a month on patron, that would be a fairly good step toward buying some time away from work to build up content on the blog.

        1. Sorry this is a long one.

          People think your a male online because, well everyone thinks everyone’s a male online, people grew up with that idea and it’s unfortunately stuck. Your profile picture has dark hair as well as a dark background so it’s also hard to make out the hair style really. I think theirs also a very untrue notion that only guys do nerdy stuff online, If I was to see someone post as frequently as you I would automatically leap to the conclusion that a male is more likely to do that no matter how stupid that idea is in reality. It’s probably a bit sexist that I think that way but I think men and women are / should be if they’re not already equal so it’s not intentional!

          Video content is the way to go, you already have a good audience to market too so it’s not like you’ll be starting from scratch! I did consider becoming a youtuber myself, making a few of my own videos but I did see how time consuming and annoying it was. If it was me I’d literally just convert my posts to podcasts, speak them into a microphone and put a picture of the show up there. Either that or podcasts. Even putting simple gifs over audio was a pain because theirs so many problems you don’t even realise! Still it can be fun, my favourite videos are ones requested for by my church because you really get to make fun of some people (the bishop for example) so if you have the passion go for it.

          For a time I wanted to be an editor but after going through the whole process I’m now not so sure. I know how much of a pain editing can be.

          There is a guy I watch called Best Guy Ever and he makes a fairly successful weekly anime show despite having a 9-5, it’s truly inspirational!

          I hate to say this but I’m honestly really surprised your patreon is so… high, higher than I thought it would be. 14 People who care about your work enough to pay for it is brilliant and an achievement you shouldn’t forget! You see Youtubers with 100k + and only about 40 more patreons than you, even though those will donate more money. It’s difficult and to get money for your art but I wish you the best of luck anyway no matter what you decide to do!

          1. Yes, I am very grateful to the patrons I have and their support. Hopefully they can get a bit more back for their support this year (that’s one of my goals in 2018 – to really make the patrons feel that they are valued).

            Yeah, long road ahead, but if the last two years are anything to go by, it will be fun.

    1. Thanks, it was hard to put into words for a public audience in a way that I felt was really clear. I’m glad the final version of this made sense.

  2. Well, as far as I am concerned I think you are already well on your way to realising your dream of doing this for a living. Your posts are always amazing, and have a very proffesional quality to them. So I certainly would not give up on your dream anytime soon as it may be closer than you think. 😊

  3. To be honest I also fall to the small and achieveable goals side xD however I would love to be able to do my living as a content creator like blogger/youtuber! For now Im working as a digital marketeer for a company which let’s me to create content and be creative but it’s not as fun as having your own “brand” and talk about the things you love

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