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I’m sure you’re all just as busy as we are but I hope you still have time to enjoy some anime. I’m always playing catch up with In/Spectre myself. I love the show but the Saturday afternoon air time is killing me and I usually end up catching it on Mondays which is not the best. Cause I’m tired and I have two other shows to watch.

Thankfully, I’m having a lot of fun with In/Spectre.

Here’s something I never talk about on my blog, I’m a huge fan of The Golden Compass (the book not the movie). The whole His Dark Materials series really. Hearing Kotoko explain how she is about to wield lies as both weapon and shield really reminded me of Lyra in the best way possible!

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This episode had a few highs and lows for me. Kotoko remains a delight and she was pretty much one maning this week. Don’t get me wrong, Saki and Kuro were there but they were mostly decorative and we only caught a glimpse of Rikka.

I really loved how Kotoko was essentially setting up Saki right under her nose and not even bothering to hide it. It was delightful and another little expression of Kotoko’s capricious and jealous nature.

I thought the alternative story Kotoko came up with for the captains murder was pretty reasonable and the inclusion of an unrequited lover storyline gives it some chance of surviving on the internet. People love shipping after all.

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For the lows, the alternative story (which took up most of the run time) was maybe a bit too believable. As in I wish it had been more outrageous or just a bit more fun. And the show itself mentioned that it was on the TL:DR side and then Kotoko went on to add another 20 minutes worth. Honestly, that was way too demanding for modern internet attention spans.

Throughout the episode I kept thinking that when they mentioned multiple rumours, I thought they would have different stories and not just keep adding or retconing the same story. By the end of the episode Kotoko does mention that this was in fact only story one of four. I’m not sure how to feel about that.

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Episode 9 of In/Spectre was more or less in real time. Kuro is fighting Nanase while Saki surveys the situation and Kotoko types out the spookypasta while narrating it for us viewers. I can believe that only a half hour passed in the reality of the show. I’m not sure if that means that the next three episodes are basically all going to be the same thing, with a different story from Kotoko.

That could in fact be pretty interesting but it could also get old. Of course there’s only one way to find out.

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For my part right now, I just really want to know why Rikka is doing this. We did have some vague story about her trying to find the limits of her power but I think there’s more to it than that. She has been presented as extremely gentle and kind. She doesn’t seem the type to murder a bunch of folks cause she’s curious…

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  1. I’m still very much enjoying this – Kotoko is fantastic, and her theories are interesting – it’s just a shame that so little actually happens due to the amount of time spent purely on dialogue! The pacing feels more suited to a 24-26 episode series. I also hope it manages to hold my attention, without growing too stale by final episode.

  2. That’s pretty much how I felt. 3 more stories to tell, 3 more episodes… surely not! I do hope we’re not sat in a car with Kotoko and Saki until the end of the season. It could be like a sit down shounen battle.

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