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Another week, another seasonal show down! As much as I enjoy doing these episode reviews, and I do! I’m looking forward to the little between season break. Whatever else I might have to say about In/Spectre, it did renew my love of both mysteries and Yokai. I hope there’s another show like it coming up next season. And that’s actually saying a lot.

This particular episode wrapped things up exactly as anyone would expect. Kuro and Kotoko defeated the Steel Lady in the manner we saw last week. Rikka backed off, erased the wiki and disappeared for now. Saki and Kuro put their past behind them and he explained that he still loves Rikka and she’s trying to create a god that would bring her back to normal.

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Then we finally got a few scenes of Kuro and Kotoko together. It was mostly relationship fanservice where we got to see that Kuro does in fact care for Kotoko a lot. It was very sweet. Anyone who was hoping for a bit of romance should be happy with this.

The season did a great job ending on a note that felt final and warped up all the immediate points nicely so that if it never continues, we still get a proper sense of closure and it feels like a complete story. But it also left enough questions unanswered and doors opened for a second season to easily get made without feeling redundant.

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As a series, I must say I don’t think I’ve seen anything with this much exposition since A Certain Magical Index. The adaptation from novel to anime was rather minimal and it sometimes felt like I was playing a visual novel with no choice options. That sounds a bit harsh. You should know that I love visual novels and I can certainly enjoy one with minimal interaction. And I think a lot of viewers can enjoy In/Spectre. I just don’t think the production really took full advantage of the potential of the medium. Or any advantage really.

Also, for me personally, I think In/Spectre was one of the shows that suffered the most from me experiencing it once a week instead of in a continuous flow. It made more repetitive episodes particularly annoying to sit through and broke my connection with the characters too much. This is one of the shows I tended to put off watching the most.

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Yest in spite of all this, I consistently enjoyed it. The worst I could say was that some episodes got a bit boring. But when it worked it was great and it made me smile more than once. For a random little show I had no expectations of, I think it did great. I would watch a second season. I would also get a Kotoko figure!

What did you guys think of In/Spectre. Would you watch a second season? Was it your favourite show of the winter? Do you want a cute Pokemon yokai to follow you around?

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8 thoughts on “In/Spectre Episode 12 Review

  1. I have a brand new anime or manga featuring a normal 33 year old guy named Adam lee he lives in Tokyo Japan he is a workaholic businessman he lives in a apartment and works in a office building one day he goes to a wishing well he wishes to find his true love his wish comes true with two women one is a sadistic short flat chested blond hair blue eyed white skinned princess named Victoria and her masochistic exhibitionist nudist slave named Maya who is statuesque athletic muscular beautiful sexy she has tanned skin long black hair brown eyes she has gigantic breasts long slender legs and a big ass they come from a different world called Elysium.

  2. I’d definitely watch a second season, but it’s not my favourite show this season. In fact, I’m not even sure it would make the top 5.

    It’s particularly troublesome to compare this show to Somali. For me, both shows have roughly the same enjoyment value, but their strenghts and weaknesses are so different, that it’s hard to rank one above the other. Somali is definitely the prettier show, but this one is definitely the better story. It also has the better characters, but it also has talky sections that feel too much like exposition, which makes Somali more consistent in mood.

    Actually, I’ve just gone over my list and it doesn’t make the top 5: Hanako-kun > Eizouken > Haikyuu > Natsunagu > Dorohedoro – that’s five already. It’ll very likely make the top 10, but I stopped here.

    Kotoko could be the protagonist of the season, though.

      1. I don’t think it’s legally available anywhere, which is a pity. It’s a really pretty show, and the characters are all nice. Basically, this girl goes looking for an online friend after contact broke off after the Kumamoto earthquake. It’s full off nice and helpful locals. I do hope someone licences it at some point.

        I’m still waiting for Hulaing Babies, too. Shorts often fall through the cracks.

  3. I was amazed how small she was when she jumped into his arms wearing only a towel! I think she’s about Taiga’s size — or smaller! No wonder she wears such a wide skirt.

    Her force of personality, like Taiga’s, is completely out of proportion to her physical size.

    “Would you watch a second season?”


    “Was it your favourite show of the winter?”

    Honestly, it was close! I liked the action in Darwin’s Game, and I enjoyed the dad/daughter interplay in Somali. MHA’s been solid, too! But in terms of sheer enjoyment, it’s hard to beat the interplay between Kurou, Kotoko, and Saki.

    “Do you want a cute Pokemon yokai to follow you around?”

    Shows like this make me wish that yokai were real.

    Or if they are real, that we could more readily interact with them.

    It’s interesting to reflect that Western Scripture includes the commandment that “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.”

    Bit of a spoiler, isn’t it? Kinda spells out that there are, in fact, other gods…

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