In Case You Misssed It

Okay, since the holidays are over hopefully I’ll be reading blogs more consistently again. While I hope everyone had a good break here is a round up of posts that caught my interest this week. It’s been a really great week for anime blogs; so many good posts. Please feel free to add links in the comments to any cool posts you’ve come across.

I rarely use this post to link to my own posts but if you didn’t catch my best and worst of 2016, check it out now and let me know what you thought about it.

Prattle has a really fascinating post on Mastering Emotional Resonance in Anime. It’s an interesting read and looks at how emotions are constructed within anime. Thought provoking and interesting.

CSRadical posted a list of the top 10 things they watched, played and listened to and is a nice reflection of some of the high lights from 2016.

Kyra Desu Yo has shared a great explanation of Rei Kiriyama’s name. For those who don’t visit this blog regularly they do a great job explaining the meaning (or possible meanings) of the kanji in various character names. It is alway a very informative read and well worth checking out regularly.

Hold Up, Let’s Talk posted a list of their top 10 dubs from 2016. It’s a nice list to check out.

Some Guy Doesn’t Care gave us his 7 best and worst anime from 2016 and their reasoning. Another great reflection post to check out if you are still looking back at the last year of anime.

Otakuness gives us a review of Flip Flappers. I think this is a show I’m going to be reading a lot about given everyone seems to have taken something different away from it (other than disappointment at the ending which seems mostly universal with a few exceptions).

Scott on Mechanical Anime Reviews has posted about why you should watch 3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes in Like a Lion). If you haven’t started this series yet and my reviews haven’t convinced you to at least check out an episode, you really should check out this post.

Anime Girls NYC asks who Ichigo should be with. It’s a question Bleach fans love to ask and discuss so if you want to join the conversation go and check out the post.

The Real Meott looks at Gender and Power Dynamics in Paranoia Agents first episode. This is a great read whether your have watched Paranoia Agent or not simply because it highlights the role gender plays in so much of what we watch, particularly in anime. Well worth checking out.

Subculture Diaries did a 2016 in retrospect looking at amvs. It is a great collection of amvs and is accompanied by a great discussion about each of the videos so well worth checking out.

Lastly, from Anime & Anime is an excellent essay on Chitose vs the World: The Millenial Struggle and Anime. It’s a thought provoking piece and very well written so well worth checking out if you didn’t catch it during the week.

And that’s it from me this week.

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