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Another glorious week in anime watching has passed – though in honesty I’d be lying if I said the Summer 2018 season was thrilling me. Still, there’s great content being produced to read and below I have a round up of some of my favourite posts from the last week. As always, if you want to give a shout out to someone, feel free to do so in the comments. We all like finding great content.

Later today, or early tomorrow, depending on which country you are in, I’ll be starting my coverage of Yuri on Ice for the second time. If you want to join me on the rewatch, this week I’m covering episode 1.


Let’s start with Raistlin. You all know Raistlin. Great guy. Always encouraging and a fantastic member of the community. I think he’s started a campaign to ensure I never stop blushing ever again. His most recent efforts come in the form of a review of my book, Thoughts on Anime 2017. I hugely appreciated that he both bought and read the book, but then he has gone just that extra step and that’s probably what we all best know Raistlin for. Going the extra mile. I swear one day there will be an internet statue built in Raistlin’s honour to celebrate all the wonderful things he does for everyone else. On that note, be sure to visit his blog and follow Raistlin if you don’t. While he writes about a range of topics including movies, Korean drama, board games, and occasionally anime, he’s always interesting and he’s always up for a great conversation.

Okay, it isn’t technically anime but this list by NEETaku needed to be shared: 6 Things That Drive Me Crazy About the Lion King. And yes, most of these are poor decisions by Scar or confusions created by later reveals in sequels that actually make events in the first movie make no sense (another solid argument for not making sequels to movies that are finished). Though for some anime related fun, they also had a great post about Darling in the Franxx and how it could have been better that doesn’t turn into a rant either for or against the show, meaning whether you enjoyed it or not, this post will be fun reading.

The Sawce Pot reviews B the Beginning and looks at how the anime handles, or doesn’t handle, multiple plots. Still, this review is mostly positive which means it looks at the things B actually did well which is probably a bit different from my take on it that I wrote almost immediately after finishing the series when I was still a bit annoyed.

My Brain is Completely Empty looks at Kaiji and why the new one might be the best. This is one I haven’t got any experience with and the post does have spoilers if you are worried about that kind of thing, but it kind of made me want to check out the show at some point. Worth a look.

Confessions of an Overage Otaku has a look at Haruhi Suzumiya and the dreaded Endless Eight. But for once it is neither a rant not a defence of the existence of this arc. Rather it looks at what the arc does and why it didn’t necessarily work in the format it was presented. Very nice to read a different take on this arc and a fun post to read.

Beneath the Tangles looks at Attack on Titan episode 39 and links this in to decisions we make in the real world and what we do after the fact. This is a nice read and like most of their posts leaves the reader with something to think about for their own life so if you are wanting something more from your Attack on Titan conversation than Levi is awesome (which he is), then this is a post to check out.

Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers has a blunt but fairly comprehensive overview of the first four episodes of How Not To Summon A Demon Lord. If you don’t want spoilers, definitely don’t read it because it essentially recaps all four episodes, but what got my attention with this post was that their reactions to the episodes more or less mirrored mine in that episode 2 this show was on the edge of being dropped and yet by the end of episode 4 it was kind of looking potentially promising. If you dropped this series early on, it might be worth checking out this post because it might have you taking another look at it.

Mr Panda reviews Octopath Traveller on the Switch. I’m going to be honest, the game looks gorgeous, and it is probably one I’ll look at getting into at some point (probably well after all the buzz is over and done with) but I really enjoyed reading this review of it. If you are curious about the game, be sure to check out this post.

D&A Anime Blog shares and debunks 7 Myths about Voice Acting. I don’t normally look at voice acting or voice actors on my blog (only really one in particular that has a top 5 list), but it is something I am interested in writing more about in the future. So given my love of lists in general, and the subject matter here, I really enjoyed reading this post.

Geek Out South West has a list of the top ten action anime and like all of their lists this one is a delight to read as it has good explanations and reasons and a lot of love behind it. If you don’t follow this blog, you really should as every weekend another top ten list comes out with the chance to vote for the topic on the next list. I tweet out links to this post fairly regularly, but usually my line up here is full by the weekend so I don’t get around to linking to them. I really should more often.

The Real Meott has a fantastic post on Code Geass and the many ways dramatic irony is used in the story. It’s an interesting look at the characters and their motivations, how their character arc defies their expectations, and how the whole thing could very easily be played against a Shakespearean tragedy and hold its own. A highly entertaining read about an anime many of us love.

Pick of the Week

If you haven’t come across Marion from Otaku, She Wrote (and I have linked to a post previously) you definitely need to check out this blog. I’m linking to the most recent analysis of Banana Fish episode 4 and this is the perfect companion piece for a rewatch of the episode, as the previous episode posts have been. These aren’t reviews, these posts provided analysis about character, motivation, colour, directional choices, and so much more. They are a fantastic read and definitely should be checked out if you are watching the show. I would however suggest not to read until after viewing the episode as it will be more meaningful and because it definitely has some major spoilers going on. However, go check this blog out, it is pretty amazing.

However if you want another take on Banana Fish, Gay Anime Symposium has a great review of episode 5 up to read.

My Stuff

And that was my week, in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

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17 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Hey, your blog is super prolific and fun! I’m new to WordPress and appreciate the shout-out to my Banana Fish review. Still learning the ropes of reviewing anime, so thanks a lot!

  2. I haven’t had a chance to stop by your blog (or ANY blog!) for a couple of weeks (I’M SORRY!!) But, I did catch Raistlin’s review and I said it there and said that I would make it over here evertually to say CONGRATULATIONS!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉💖💖💖 Your book sounds great! 😀

  3. Hold on, wait a second…at what point did this turn from the “Let’s make Karandi blush “ campaign to the “ Let’s stop doing that and make Raistlin blush instead” campaign? Seriously this time my face is completely crimson 🙈🙈 Though I don’t think that statue will ever happen (lol 😂) I really thank you for these amazingly kind words. And really everything I wrote was just simply the truth 😊 But thanks again, this was very kind of you 😊😊

      1. Haha, fair enough I guess 😊Really thanks so much (and I’m pretty glad that you did not find that out, as I already have a red enough face as it is 🙈🙈😊😊).

  4. Thanks for shouting out my post! Just to clarify I was talking about the manga which is way ahead of the anime. So basically not the new anime about tonegawa which clearly isn’t as good!

    1. I probably should have clarified that myself – sorry. I was still editing this post last night when normally it is ready to go by Saturday other than adding my last couple of links to it, so a few things may have slipped through this week. Thanks for letting people know.

      1. No worries, I just want to make sure! I’m honestly flattered that you’d choose my post! It was a sort of stream of consciousness thing after I read the newest chapter and suddenly had this huge revelation! Thanks!

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