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And the summer anime season has come to an end. Later today I’ll have my best and worst of the season posts out so be sure to drop by and check them out. In the meantime, here are some cool posts that people have written over the past week. I hope you enjoy them an as always feel free to give a shout out to any cool anime related posts in the comments.

How Not To Summon a Demon Lord Episode 7

Mistakes Cheerio for Chesto has an interesting comparison post of How Not To Summon a Demon Lord and Overlord and discusses the use of limits in a story and how they can improve the viewing experience. It’s a fairly interesting read about the rules and settings of the two stories and how those small choice have had a big  impact on how the story plays out. Well worth the time.

Cactus Matt also has a Q&A review of How Not to Summon a Demon Lord this week. It’s a nice positive overview of he series and what it did right as well as a sensible warning for those who don’t really like too much fan service. I had a lot of fun following along with Cactus Matt’s write ups of this show week to week and his final thoughts were also really fun to check out. If you didn’t watch the show this season, this review might get you started.

Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews has a post about nostalgia and the Bleach live action movie. Given Scott is kind of blaming (in a good way) both Raistlin and myself for suggesting he watch the movie, I’m glad he enjoyed it and reading this post was fantastic because it really captured the fun of revisiting something like Bleach. So great to read about how an anime can really stick with people. And while we’re hearing from the amazing Scott, he watched My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected but found it somewhat wanting. If you want a review of SNAFU from someone who didn’t really get into it, this one is worth checking out and offers a nice counterpoint to all those positive reviews out there.

Otaku She Wrote has another great analysis and discussion of Banana Fish, this time episode 12. I continue to really enjoy following along with these posts because they pick up a lot of the episode detail and consider its purpose. It definitely gives you something to think about after watching the episode. For those watching the show, I definitely recommend following this blog and checking out these posts after watching the episode.

Jon Spencer reviews Island and shares his thoughts on the controversy surrounding ‘that’ scene, and if you’ve been online at all this season you really should know what ‘that’ scene is already. That said, it is a nice review of the anime and for those who are curious about the anime and don’t want to deal with the drama that surrounds it, this post is kind of a pleasant read.

Two Happy Cats is here this week to help all of those who have played Mystic Messenger but don’t know what to try next. They share some great mobile otome recommendations for those who really want to try something else and I love how they’ve divided this post into categories based on what you liked about Mystic Messenger. Great post to read.

Pop Culture Literary has a great OWLS post this week looking at This Boy is a Professional Wizard and Chiharu’s lack of self-care and the negative results that stem from it. It’s a really solid post and the example of Chiharu’s path is easily relatable. Well worth reading if you missed this one.

Rory Muses has an early Cells at Work series review and covers the main points of appeal the series has had this season. It is quick and to the point but comes with some great images from the anime and gives a fair impression of what you are in for if you choose to watch it and for those who are curious but haven’t tried it, this post might get you ready to watch.

Pick of the Week

This might be an incredibly biased pick, but it made me happy to see it and so I’m picking it anyway. Biblionyan and Arthifis responded to the Blog Evolution Tag that Raistlin and I cooked up awhile ago and I had an absolute blast reading their post. I really do want to thank them for taking up the challenge and I really like how this tag gives the reader a bit of insight into the writer of the blog as well as their partner. Thanks guys for taking the plunge and having a go at this tag.

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And that was my week, in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

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16 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Ugh, I Really don’t Like Cheerio’s Demonlord and Overlord comparison. It baffles me that he thinks that an Ecchi Harem anime (A generally bad genre Combination) that Glorifies fan-service every chance it gets is better written than Overlord. Overlord is one of the few isekai shows out there that has good writing. Demon Lord however, is just trying to piggy back Overlord and try and gain the success of it. Not surprisingly, It fails miserably with awful characters,world building,Sound,Etc.

    Alot of people seem to agree with me as the MAL score for Demon lord is only 7.28 for the anime (Ranked 2599th of all anime) and 7.52 for the LN (Ranked 3649th on All manga, also SAO has similar scores with Demon lord just to throw that out there). That is not a good score. The Quality gap between the 7s and 8s are pretty high. Compare that to Overlords 8.07 for the anime (Ranked 493rd on all anime) and 8.75 for the LN (Ranked 36th on all manga) goes to show that People know good Media when they see them. Overlord’s LN makes it the 7th Spot on Top Novels on MAL

    Now, Cheerio’s only reason for hating Overlord (and the only reason he prefers Demon Lord) is that the Game Ainz and Nazarick comes from (Yggdrasil) Is Vastly Stronger compared to the New World, that’s it. Cheerio doesn’t care about the world building,The main characters and their personalities,The Side characters,The OST, Nothing. all he paid attention to was how OP Ainz and his Guild is. By that logic, Mob from Mob Psycho, Super Man from DC, and Saitama from One Punch Man makes their show terrible as they are OP compared to everyone else.

    Everything in Demon Lord is vastly inferior in writing quality compared to Overlord. Considering Maruyama has a Legendary writing ability than Yukiya who doesn’t, this isn’t really surprising. it perplexes me that both You and Cheerio think that the Latter writes better than the former.

    Cheerio talks about the side characters in Demon lord, but doesn’t even mention the ones in Overlord once. Funny how he glossed over on what makes overlord so great compared to other Isekai and MMO stories.

    Then again, this is the same guy who made an unfair comparison between Log Horizon and Overlord. where he did 6 paragraphs for LH and only 1 for Overlord. He Speaks nothing but Praise for Log Horizon and does the opposite with Overlord. on the lone Overlord Paragraph he either misunderstands Overlord’s ‘Yggdrasil” mechanics and complains, or makes false statements. i don’t know what grudge he has against gacha items in mmos as they are pretty common, he even complains about a cash item that just lets you switch weapons quickly mid-battle, nothing gamebreaking about it. He must be a F2P player if he needs to complain about them.

    The fact that he’s unable to spell the protagonists name right (He calls him Ains when hes called Ainz),thinks that Overlord is a “Trapped in an MMO” show, and Believes Ainz doesn’t have limitations tells us that he both didn’t pay attention to the show, and didn’t do research before making the articles about Overlord.

      1. Yep, Because its a LN/Show that has phenomenal writing unlike Demonlord where it tries to inherit the Success of Overlord, but fails miserably as it tries to cover its numerous flaws by maximizing fan-service.

  2. Thanks for sharing the tag… It might be biased… But, you and Raist did such a good job and it was so much fun that you deserve to be biased ahah

  3. Some wonderful posts this week again (then again, pretty much every week has been awesome the past few months 😊😊). It was really great to see the tag get picked up, and it turned out seriously cool as well. Loved their post! 😊😊

      1. That is terrible. I nearly had a heart attack myself over the weekend after I just finished scheduling a bunch of posts and they all just kind of vanished. Fortunately that was just slow internet loading where I was staying and the posts eventually popped onto the screen. Glad you got it back.

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