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A lot has happened in the last week, other than my catching the flu yet again (although that was fun). Most notably, I hit one of my goals for my blog and that was 10,000 views in a single month. Thanks to everyone who helped me reach the target and helped me celebrate the occasion. In fact, the celebration managed to draw more viewers to my blog than ever so the day after reaching the highest number of views in a month ever I set a new target for most number of views in a day. So a huge thank you again.

However, that is enough about me, because I like to make this post about the other amazing bloggers out there who continue to inspire me and give me plenty of great posts to read each week. Below are some of the posts that caught my eye but as always you are welcome to give a shout out to a post in the comments. If you know a blogger who wrote something awesome last week, why not give them a shout out?


Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews had a fantastic post last week featuring a discussion around anime humanising the non-human and it was an absolutely fantastic read. Not just because it contained both Platelets (Cells at Work) and the Fox Boy (Natsume Yuujinchou), but because it touched on an idea that has been a fundamental of story telling since forever and I absolutely loved the post.

Eumiiboo has a bit of a break down of the OP for Inu X Boku. It does contains some plot spoilers but for fans of the show it is a great read and a great look at how the characters are presented during the opening.

Arthifis uses The Lost Village to talk about a fairly personal and serious topic: Accepting Our Emotional Scars. If you happened to miss this one, or skip over it because you weren’t into The Lost Village, I definitely recommend going back and having a read because this is a fairly great post.

The Random Editor lists their favourite 5 OP’s of the Summer Season and gives some great reasons for their choices. As always, I do enjoy reading a good list and this one made me think about what OP’s I really have enjoyed this season. They then followed up with 5 anime endings from Summer and this was yet another fantastic list.

Another great list comes from Biblionyan with 5 black haired anime boys. If you want some great characters with some great reasons to like them, this list of 5 is a must read so be sure to check it out.

Kawaii Paper Pandas discusses the use of CG in anime and why Orange Animation Studios is leading the way. It’s a thoughtful post that gives a bit of background about the studio and examples of CG in anime that have both worked and not worked so well. Well worth the read.

Heyitszel continues to try to educate us all by sharing some fun facts about the city in Attack on Titan and its real world influences. As this is something I hadn’t really thought about at all, reading this post was really fun and I love how they explain and provide images to help get their point across. Great read.

Xenodude has a fantastic episode write up for Banana Fish Episode 9. Now if you don’t exist on Twitter you may have managed to avoid episode spoilers, in which case, don’t read this post. Otherwise, if you want to continue processing everything that went down, this is a great read that looks at what works well in this episode and which aspects of the show could still be improved upon.

Moe Sucks had a post on the latest My Hero Academia episode titled Childish, Petty Heroes and to be honest that kind of summed up my thoughts on the latest episode beautifully. If you want a summary of the episode that is pretty critical of the goings on, then this one will fit nicely.

Pick of the Week

Aria from the Animanga Spellbook has a great post about Phantom in the Twilight and how it is the Epitome of ‘Absurd, but Fun’. Phantom in the Twilight has been one of those odd anime that I only added to my watch list because it was supernaturally themed and I had a really small watch list for the season. The first few episodes weren’t great though there was some potential. And yet we’re now at the point where it is among my favourites for the season and it has become something I look forward to. Aria’s post does a great job explaining the flaws of the show but capturing the fun of this anime. Be sure to check it out and maybe give Phantom in the Twilight a go.

And, I’m allowed to have 2 picks of the week, because it’s my blog and all that. Besides, I had to pick this one but didn’t want to move Aria’s wonderful post. Here we have a Yuri on Ice Review from The Fullmetal Narcissist himself, @Fullmetal_Naru if you want to follow him on Twitter. This review is a lovely balance of genuine critique and praise for the fantastic Yuri on Ice and is well worth the read by fans of the anime and by newcomers alike. Be sure to check it out.

My Stuff

And that was my week, in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Recovering from a bad cold that meant I couldn’t go to an event I’ve part of planning team for six months… I feel your pain. Hope you feel better soon!

      1. Karandi are you watching Happy Sugar Life at all? I think I am going to do an in-depth post about episode 7. There is a topic I want to touch base on and I think it’s something worth discussing.

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