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Welcome back to another week and as we near the end of August and are about to plunge into the final month of the season for some shows, I have to say that there are a lot of people with short watch lists meaning the number of episode reviews being published has cut right back. That said, everyone seems to have found something to watch and enjoy this season (even if it is just adorable platelets – and at the end of the season can someone please cut the show so that we just get a montage of every platelet scene because I would be forever grateful for your efforts).

As usual, I’ve found some great posts though this week seems to be very big on lists. Looking forward to seeing what people write next week and as always you are welcome to give a shout out to a post that you think needs some more attention in the comments below. I will unspam it if it gets caught by the filter.

A reminder that if you would like to write a guest post for 100 word anime you can contact me via the contact page or via a DM on Twitter and we can discuss. Looking for someone interested in posting during September so if you have an idea, let me know.

Also (and I know this introduction is getting long), August has been a great month for views on my blog and while normally I’m not all that concerned and just happy people are reading my posts, this month I’ve gotten really close to finally tipping the 10,000 views in a single month but I’m probably going to fall just short. I’d really appreciate if you could share one of my posts and help me get those few extra views I need because reaching that milestone has been a goal for quite awhile and I would be over the moon if I could reach it.


Amelia from A Girl and Her Anime shares their thoughts on Scum’s Wish in a detailed review that attempts to counter some of the more negative impressions of the anime. Given the limited accessibility of Scum’s Wish I never got to see it, but I did read the manga while the anime was airing (more because I could) and I found it interesting enough though a little melodramatic. Anyway, if you want to know what the anime does do right, this review will probably point it out for you.

Jiraiyan on Otaku Orbit did an episode review on Attack on Titan episode 5 and looks at how Eren’s character has been portrayed, as well as examining the coup and the representations of the King and other characters. It’s a short post but packs in a lot as it looks at some of the highlights from the episode.

Over on the Weeabros there is a great list this week of dynamic anime duos. I love lists and duos are always great to look at because the play between the characters is so important that it isn’t just about how the character sits individually, but how they work with the other character. Anyway, its a really fun post and well worth the read.

My Brain is Completely Empty also shared a fantastic list this week with 7 flawed characters on display. Do you have a favourite character that’s a little bit broken or emotionally scarred? It’s a great list with some great reasons for the picks.

Arthifis has a top 15 Final Fantasy list (so gaming rather than anime – close enough). As with all good lists this one comes with some insight into why particular titles have been put above or below others giving some insight into Arthifis as well as allowing us all to reminisce over Final Fantasy. Very fun post.

Biblionyan has a look at Calamity of Zombie Girl in a review and their impression was about as good as mine was after watching that train wreck of a movie. Seriously, the best thing about Calamity of a Zombie Girl has been reading blog posts about it. There are a few that try to justify it as a satire but for the most part, people will be pointing out the fairly terrible effort at anything. If you want to save yourself some time and read something fun rather than watching a terrible movie, check out Biblionyan’s review.

Amelia from A Girl and Her Anime has a review of How to Raise a Mummy. It is short and to the point, but there isn’t a great deal to say about the show. If you were on the fence about whether this is something you would enjoy or not, you should get a good understanding of what to expect from this review.

And Remy Fool is back asking the difficult questions. This week they look at whether explicitness defines Yuri as a genre. If you want a great post full of examples and then some interesting comments on the topic to read, this is one to definitely check out.

Pick of the Week

Cactus Matt from Anime Q&A has a fairly interesting take on episode 7 of Cells at Work. Now the cancer episode was interesting for a number of reasons, but this write up looks at the broader social implications of the messaging (that and adorable platelets so not a lot to complain about). If you are watching the show or interested in it, this is a great review to read.

My Stuff

And that was my week, in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

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14 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Almost 10.000 views? That’s huge!!!! :O Even if you are not able to get those 10.000 congrats are in order! 😀

    Thank you for the shot out! <3

    1. No problem. Looks like I am going to fall short, but this was pretty close so I’m kind of hopeful that I might eventually reach that target.

  2. Wow! Pick of the week! Thanks so much! I can tell I must have struck onto something interesting with that review as it’s got a crazy amount of views already, thanks again for the shout-out!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! I appreciate it. It was definitely a lot more fun writing about it than it was to physically watch it. I think that is really the only benefit to watching things that are terrible: the cathartic release of ripping it to shreds in a review, LOL. Have a good week ahead!

  4. Oh, gosh! Thanks for the shout-outs! c: Definitely some interesting posts here that I missed, so thanks for also bringing these to my attention too!

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