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I’m going to apologise to most of my picks this week given I’ve had one of those really stressful and tiring weeks so even though I loved some of the posts below, they haven’t been given much of a write up or sales pitch for people to go read them because I just lacked the energy. That said, there are some amazing posts in the links below that have been written by our fellow ani-bloggers and they are all worth the read, so if you’ve got some time be sure to check them out.

Just a reminder though that if you want to ask me a question for the Inquiring Minds series I’ve set up a new survey (issues with the old one). Hopefully this one will allow you to take it more than once so if you have a second question you should be able to take the survey again, or if you make a mistake.

Sunday Without God

If you want to check out a massive collaboration effort about a massive anime, Scott, Shoujo and Leth joined forces to take on Dragon Ball. Here are the links to part 1, part 2, and part 3 in case you somehow missed this one coming out this week.

Meanwhile Aria shares their top 5 potions to season your posts with magic, or just some good solid advice for your blog posts that it is always helpful to be reminded about. Bloggers helping bloggers, always love to see it.

Zainou has a post about Touch and the Perfect Portrayal of Death. I haven’t seen the story in question but I really liked reading this post and the description of how the story dealt with this subject matter. Clearly some spoilers to be found in the post, but an interesting read.

Thero shares a top 5 list of Daedric Princes from the Elder Scrolls (so no anime here but gaming and a great list). As a very big fan of the Elder Scrolls and having enjoyed quite a few moments with these characters, it was great to see this list and the reasons for their inclusion.

AniB Productions shares a review of Erased. While this one was talked about a lot while airing it is one of those shows that seemed to go quiet fairly quickly after it was done, so it is great to catch a new review of it and hear people talking about the show. If you missed Erased when it was out, you might want to check out this review and it might convince you to try the show.

Grimm Girl shares another husband reacts post, this time to Ouran High School Host Club. If you want to read the reaction of someone who hasn’t watched a huge amount of anime being exposed to some of the insanity that is Ouran, you will be highly entertained.

Beneath the Tangles has an interesting look at the characters and their choices in episode 41 of Attack on Titan. As I said in my own review of the episode, this is probably one of the more interesting episodes from a narrative point of view that this series has given us for awhile. Beneath the Tangles looks at how the characters are responding to the situation presented and the choices they are making and it was a great post to read.

Keiko shares three things they like about Natsume Yuujinchou. Okay, its a Natsume post so I was probably going to share it regardless, but this one really does hit three great reasons to watch it. Plus, it is a great reason to remember all the great characters that Natsume has offered us over the seasons.

Yuu’s Sanctuary has a review of 5 Centimeters Per Second which is a film I still haven’t actually seen but probably should at some point. Anyway, this is a great write up focusing on the characters, themes and structure of the film and it made me want to move this up on my future watch list.

Finally, The Nerd Book shared their thoughts on the most recent episode (episode 7) of How Not To Summon a Demon Lord. This write up doesn’t shy way from the content of the series but looks at what is working and what isn’t in a fairly matter of fact way and I probably like this write up because it comes to the same conclusion I have. Even when the show does things I don’t like, there’s still plenty of reasons to come back and watch more of it.

Pick of the Week

Mel in Anime Land discusses ships and shipping culture as part of fandom. This is something that probably needs more discussion as people taking ships too seriously does lead to some less than pleasant encounters online sometimes and certainly when it leads to death threats and other things someone needs to call this behaviour out. Definitely a post worth visiting.

My Stuff

And that was my week, in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

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20 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Awh, sorry to hear you had a rough week. Hope things get better at your end 😊 You did a great job as always with this post so no need to apologise :’)
    And thank you for sharing my post and spreading the Natsume love! 😊

  2. That is just weird, you actually pick out a Erased post, when I was thinking of reposting a long ass review I did XDD.

      1. It’s the 2016 one. I’m thinking of making some changes to it, pretty much taking a leaf out of your book of reposting old posts. As the saying goes; old content is new content.

    1. Speaking of which, thanks for dropping by and taking a look at, Rocco! I do hope you enjoy what you read, but more importantly, I’d be curious to see how my thoughts compared to yours on the show now 🙂

      1. You’re welcome :). It’s an old post done back in 2016. I’m thinking of re-posting it, this time with some editing to it. As the saying goes, old content is new content xDD.

        1. I’ve been enjoying the process of reviving some of my posts from my first few months blogging. Most people never saw the original ones and to be honest, they weren’t well written so it has been great giving them a second look over.

  3. Thank you for sharing my post and please don’t let one bad day/week get you down.

    …that reminds me that I probably didn’t say thank you for the other times you’ve mentioned me because of the occasional busy period, so thank you for those as well.

    1. No problem.
      I think I’m just frustrated with myself because every time I think I’m getting over this ongoing health thing, it turns out I’m not and I have another week where just staying awake is kind of a challenge.

  4. Thanks for sharing the Erased review, Karandi! I’ve definitely appreciated your support of my work for quite a while, so I’m very humbled to again appear here. As always, keep up the good work of your own!

  5. Thank you for sharing the collab. It didn’t get as much attention as we thought it would.

    Also, yay Natsume post! I keep forgetting how far I am in it, but I’m going to be finishing season 4 this week which is nuts. Might need to start planning on how I want to do a Natsume week on my blog in the future.

    1. Natsume week?
      That’s an exciting thought.

      Sorry the collab didn’t get much attention. Hopefully more people find it over time and share it. I’m not a particularly big fan of the franchise but I really enjoyed reading through the three posts because I could feel how strongly you all felt about it.

  6. Sorry to hear that you have been having a rough week. I hope you are doing well, and hopefully this week is going to be better. Despite the fact that you say you lacked the energy to really promote these posts, I beg to differ. You still highlighted some great posts, and that I think is something that is always appreciated. You take care alright? 😊

    1. Thanks Raistlin. I think 2018 is just destined to be a year I feel behind in (and tired). That said, there were some great posts last week and hopefully my readers can find something fun to check out.

      1. hmm…well I really hope for you that the next few months of the year will hopefully better. If you ever need to talk, you know where to find me 😊
        And remember: your readers always appreciate what you do here! I most certainly do every time I read a post from you 😉

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