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This week saw a lot of shows dropped from my viewing line up, but despite the slow anime season there are still bloggers putting out some quality posts. The love of anime is strong out there and the passion people put into some of their posts is extraordinary. As normal I’ve gathered some posts that caught my eye in the list below but there are plenty of other great posts out there. If you want to give a post a shout out, feel free in the comments below.

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 30

Reasons To Anime gives us 5 Reasons To Watch Humanity Has Declined. I will admit, this is an interesting anime with some really fun concepts in it. Admittedly, by the end of the series I was a little fatigued by it, but there is certainly something appealing about the mix of relatively dark ideas about the end of humanity and the general brightness and optimism of most episodes. Anyway, if you want 5 reasons to watch it you should check out this post.

Luminous Mongoose discusses different types of hand holding and this is a super cute post (okay, only if you are happy when characters finally reach out and hold hands but I thought it was cute). It nicely looks at the different ways characters can hold hands and what it might mean. Very fun post to check out.

Yuri Nation looks at Fire X Ice couples in yuri and discusses the roles the characters play and how the dynamic between the two works. There are some great example couples pictured throughout the post so if you want to learn a bit more about yuri and this type of couple then this is a nice post to get you started.

Rodrovich revisited Steins;Gate and wrote their impressions of it from a rewatch perspective. The original Steins;Gate is definitely a show that benefits from a rewatch because there are plenty of points you just will not pay attention to the first time because you don’t really know why they are significant. It makes a rewatch of it very satisfying. Anyway, this is a post worth checking out if you are curious about Steins;Gate or if you’ve watched it once and are wondering whether to give it a second go. Or even if you just like reading about Steins;Gate.

Arthifis looks at how Dynamic Chord could be improved and the suggestions put forward make a lot of sense and are clearly explained. I’ve never watched the original anime so can’t comment on whether or not it is horrible, but to be honest, this post makes it clear that there are some issues and some changes that might help it along (or make it ‘bearable to watch’ as Arthifis puts it.

Schizoidmouse has a comparison discussion of the two sports anime of the season, Hanebado and Harukana Receive. Given I didn’t really take to either in the first episode I’m not really up for the conversation, but there’s no denying that most viewers prefer one over the other and yet the community seems pretty evenly split on which one is better (guess it depends what they are looking for). Anyway, its a great post if you want to join in the conversation about it.

The Lost Voice shared an incredibly touching short film they came across and if you missed the post you should go check it out and watch the film. I’m not going to tell you anything more because you really do need to just watch it. For 4+ minutes, it is pretty well done. I love it when people share things that are awesome.

Cactus Matt compares the anime and the manga versions of Shomin Sample to determine which is better and he does a nice break down of the positives and failings of both before drawing a conclusion. I had little interest in the anime of this one and no interest in the manga, yet I still found this post to be a pretty fun read.

Irina takes the time to explain what our top 5 lists say about us. This is a pretty amusing read and some of her ‘joke’ top 5 titles are pretty amusing. Though part of me really wants this list to be a thing: Top 5 characters who can’t use chopsticks and are afraid of squirrels. I’m not sure we’d find five of them, but seriously, someone make this list real.

Ideas Without End discusses Gankutsuou, a futuristic retelling of Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. I’ve had this one on my watch list forever and still haven’t actually watched it, but after reading this post I’ve now added it to my queue on Crunchyroll and I fully intend to watch it relatively soon. Not so much a review, this post is more of a discussion around the nature of the adaptation and how other futuristic stories have borrowed ideas from times past. It i an interesting post and one that made me fairly interested in the anime.

Pick of the Week

Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews opens a discussion about why ‘we can’t have a big three anymore‘ looking at the fact that while the big 3 were a thing, that isn’t the way people produce or consume anime anymore. What I think I really liked about this post was it didn’t seem to be lamenting this, or mocking what was done in the past, it was merely reflective of the situation then and now and looking at how and why things changed. Great opening post for a discussion so if you missed it hop on over and check it out.

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  1. Great posts out there! And I have to go read them since I seem to have missing some of them! Thank you so much for sharing my Dynamic Chord one, it was really fun to write eheh

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