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Another week has passed and we are well and truly into Summer with many bloggers finalising their season watch lists this week. However, the Spring wrap up continues and then there are just some great posts about anime in general. As always I’ve put together some posts that caught my eye over the last week but I’d love to hear what posts you enjoyed so be sure to give a post a shout out in the comments below.

For patrons, in case you missed it, the second version of my video Darling in the Franxx review is available from here. It has also been updated in the blog post for patrons to access (password is in the linked post on patreon for patrons to access). Feedback is appreciated because while I’m probably not going to do any further editing on this video, I’m hoping to continue to improve so that the next video is better when I get to making it. Thanks to all the patrons who did give me feedback on the first version and helped me get to the second version.


The Glorio Blog covers final thoughts on Darling in the Franxx. There isn’t a lot of love for Franxx over there, but if you want to know where Franxx dropped the ball or what could have been improved, there are points a plenty to be found in this post.

Kimchisama shares their method (very scientific) for choosing an anime to watch. Posts like this are fantastic to read because I’m sure many of us who watch seasonally wonder sometimes if there are better ways to pick shows to follow. I’m at the point where I feel like drawing titles out of a hat might have as much of a hit rate as any other method.

Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews compares the first episodes of Handbado and Harukana Receive. Now I’ve decided to pass on both of these shows but is interesting seeing the community looking at these shows that are built around similar concepts but are very different in their approach. It will be interesting to see where these shows are sitting at the end of the season.

Kapodaco takes on Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho in a review and it’s pretty close to a rave. While some criticisms are noted, this is a fairly positive appraisal of an anime that won quite a few hearts while it was airing and the review looks at what really works about it. If you are one of the very few people who haven’t seen the anime yet, this review may convince you to dive in.

Remy Fool gives us 5 non-canon couples that should have been in yuri in a list that is great fun to read and filled with some really nice images. I love lists particularly when they come with good reasoning and this one was no different even though I only knew about half of the characters on it. Well worth the read.

Irina visits ACCA in a review and it is fantastic. This is an anime I loved and I so seldom see anyone talking about it after it was done airing. While it definitely isn’t an anime for everyone with a lot of talking going on in it, ACCA is an anime I thoroughly recommend at least trying because if you get into it you are going to be reward with a rich and well developed story. Irina’s post beautifully looks at both the technical success and other elements of ACCA that work very well and may just convince you to take the plunge.

And while still with the lovely Irina (who is killing it over on her blog lately) we have another thought provoking post asking if anime has a moral responsibility. Definitely a post to check out.

CrispyN64 from There Goes My Kokoro shares their thoughts on Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online. This post mostly laments on the lack of a theme to bring it together and it raises the interesting point of whether such a thing is needed. Be sure to check out the post.

Pick of the Week

Zeria on Floating into Bliss shares an excellent video (with transcript) called 3-Gatsu no Lion is Beautifully Painful. And no, I just didn’t like this because of my own love of the anime, but because it expresses so incredibly well why March Comes in Like a Lion is a highly emotive viewing experience and the power of the writing and characterisation. it really does capture the reason why it is a show that should be remembered. For those who haven’t watched March Comes in Like a Lion be sure to check out this post and then hopefully you will feel like giving the anime a go.

My Stuff

And that was my week, in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

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12 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. OMG that featured image.

    And thank you. I’m surprised that I am being put next to Irina who has been making amazing content recently. OMG.

    1. Don’t sell yourself short. Your content is great and I really enjoyed reading this post, even though I’m not actually watching either of the two anime in question.

  2. I was just talking over on twitter about March comes in a Like a lion, and here it is again. As it’s finally available for me (thank you Netflix) I plan to finally watch it in August.
    Another great week of posts, and I totally agree Irina is having an absolute winning streak 😊

      1. I know that it is one of your favorite series. As I will be hosting the Jon Spencer Creator’s Showcase next month, I will probably have a little bit less time on my hands to write stuff of my own. At least I think that will be the case. Which is why I will be watching some of the longer animeshows to review (As I don’t expect to be able to post as much in that timeframe 😊)

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