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Well, another week and another round of blog posts that have caught my interest. This week has seen me really struggling to find my routine again after the mayhem of the past few weeks but it’s been great to be forced out of my comfort zone briefly (and out of the house for purposes other than work). Of course we had some Halloween focussed content early this week and then we moved on to the next thing. That said, I’ve tried as always to get to as many blogs as  I can but if I’ve missed an awesome post for the week (preferrably anime, manga or gaming focussed) please feel free to add the link in the comments below.

Minute Art has a truly great piece on magical girls and falling into the trap of genre canon. It is great deconstruction of the genre and why Magical Girl Raising Project is falling a bit short for a lot of us (or fell a bit short for those of us who already stopped watching it). Well worth checking out if you have ever watched a magical girl anime.

Pinky’s Palace gave us six gory anime to watch for Halloween. This is an impressive line up of gore filled anime though of course just makes you think about all those other anime that could have made the list. Worth checking out. The Flightless Birds also gave us a list of anime for Halloween. While there are some double ups, it isn’t a list focussed on gore so it contains a few psycological anime that might be more your speed if you can’t handle all the blood.

Atelier Emily looks at Cocona’s Empitness in Flip Flappers. There’s been a lot written about Flip Flappers after 4 episodes and the reason for that (other than the sheer weirdness of the story without concrete explanation) is the way that the characters are being presented and the imagery. This post is a great deconstruction and comparison of the central characters. If you are watching Flip Flappers, it’s a great read. If you haven’t started Flip Flappers it might convince you to give it a go.

Aldael’s Attic does a nice write up on Flying Witch and how it works as a slice of life anime. As I didn’t make it through the whole series I found this a great read as someone who enjoyed the pace of the show highlights its many positive attributes.

Nopy’s Blog had a guest post about how to enjoy watching anime.It covers an array of points that those of us who watch a lot of anime have had to consider and it does it in a nice simple list form. Fun to read.

Rocco B on In The Cubby Hole has a nice review Beautiful Bones where he outlines the positives and negatives of the series. If you are considering watching it, definitely worth checking out.

Cain S Latrani did a striking the right note post about Eden of the East. I really enjoy these posts where they look at the openings of anime and how they set a mood (or don’t) going in to the viewing experience. If ou haven’t checked out their posts before this is a good one to have a look at (plus it’s just an awesome theme).

D Talks Anime shared a review of Parasyte the Maxim. I reviewed this one awhile ago but I really like D’s take on the character in the show so if you are still deciding whether to watch or not this is a good review to have aread of.

Lastly, I came across this post after someone else reposted it (don’t remember who, sorry) and I couldn’t stop laughing. It has nothing to do with anime but if you are a Lord of the Rings fan and you like it when things in literature are taken literally, you will probably quite enjoy the read as this does a great deconstruction on the seige of Gondor.

That’s it from me for this week but as always feel free to add your own suggestions below.

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  1. I’ve definitely missed out on a lot of reading this past week because of other commitments. Thanks a lot for continuing to put these together. They help a lot in catching up on some great posts.

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